Maternity Leave

Dear 5A and 5B Parents,


Thank you for your patience with me these past few months.  I appreciate your understanding with my need to be out for appointments and maybe a few extra days to get some of their papers back.  The students have been very sweet with helping me pick things up off the floor or how they would move desks for me, I am so grateful for their help!  


The time has come, much more quickly than I could have imagined, for me to be home and preparing for my little boy to come into the world.  This Friday, December 13th, was my last day of classes. While I am very excited, I am still sad to have to leave them for a few months. My anticipated return date will be April 20th, immediately following Easter Break.  While I am away, please send any questions or concerns about grades or other classroom needs to the substitute teacher. They will be handling all aspects of the classroom while I am gone.


Thank you for your warm thoughts and well wishes.  I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and a beautiful start to the New Year.  I will be back before you know it!


Thank you,

Mrs. Erhart