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7th Annual SMS Kids Marathon

 On May 9th, the St. Matthias School community participated in the 7th Annual SMS Kids Marathon.  An awesome HSA fundraising initiative that not only benefits the school, but also promotes an active and healthy lifestyle. Six weeks prior to the marathon, participants ran, walked, biked, skated, swam, practiced or played a sport, etc. for a total of 26.2 miles or 24 hours (13.1 miles for the Pre-K 4 Half Marathon) to get ready for the final leg of the race. 

On the day of the marathon, fun was had by all!

A very special thanks to Mrs. Lanzalotto, Mrs. Chorazak, Mr. Kowalski, Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Weigele, Mrs. Abbott, Mrs. Schnier, and Ms Allegro for offering to participate in the sliming festivities immediately following the last lap of the SMS Kids marathon. Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!


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