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Our last day for scrip was June 6th.  Summer dates will be July 12 and August 16.

We encourage you to sign up for Presto Pay so that you may be able to order ScripNow! throughout the summer - great way to get a jump on next school year’s commitment!


Just a few reminders when placing your orders for scrip:


  • Please be sure to print out your order and send it in regardless of whether you use Presto Pay or check.  ALWAYS print out your order and send it in.  The reason for this is that we write down the numbers of the cards on your order in case there is a problem.  We do not have access to a printer to print it out if you do not send it in.


  • It is HSA policy to not accept checks from non SMS families.  If you have a family member or friend that wishes to order scrip through you, have them pay you and you, the SMS family, send in the check please.


  • Please be sure that you are ordering the correct grocery scrip - Stop and Shop-St.Matthias and Shop Rite-St.Matthias.  If you order any other Shop Rite (NOT TOPS) or Stop and Shop, (NOT TOPS) you will not be receiving the 5% commitment.


Thank you very much for your continued support this school year!

We wish you a happy and relaxing summer!


The SMS Scrip Committee