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    Welcome to our 4B class web site!  As you explore, I hope you will find valuable information that will keep you informed of all the happenings taking place in our classroom.  Click on the links to the left for access to homework and other important data. The information changes often so make sure you visit our web page on a regular basis.


    2020-2021 Announcements

    Lots of New Information Below. Please Read!
    Social Studies Test - Students will have a test on the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights on Wednesday, 4/21. A link to a study guide can be found below. Additionally, students may go to Ducksters.com, click on "History", scroll down and click on "United States Government", and from there click on "Constitution" and "Bill of Rights" for more information and for practice quizzes. You can even click on all ten of the amendments found in the Bill of Rights. 
    Poems - Please remember to pack up any poems that you wrote at home and bring them to school so that we can continue with our study of poetry.
    Mythology Trading Card Project - Since we will not be in school on March 31st, you may bring your mythology card project to school upon our return from Easter break, which will be Tuesday, April 13th.
    Reading - We are currently exploring a new genre in reading:  poetry.  I am requesting that all students begin reading some poetry books as part of their daily reading. If you signed up for EPIC, they have some great poetry books on their websites. For those who may not be able to obtain any poetry books, I will post some poetry links here and on the Google classrooms for the kids to use. I am also asking parents to make sure that their students have some fiction and informational texts to read. All students should find time to read every day. It's so important! 
    Spring Uniform - Beginning April 13th, students may begin wearing their spring uniform (uniform shorts and uniform polos).
    Easter Break Travel Guidelines - If you are traveling over the Easter break, you MUST adhere to travel guidelines and quarantine times. 
    Free Lenten Seminars - Here is a link to some upcoming Lenten seminars.
    Diocesan School Financial Aid - The deadline for applying for financial aid is March 31st. If assistance is needed, please apply right away.
    Raritan Watershed SMS Stream Cleanup - Volunteers may meet behind the school on Saturday, April 17, from 9 to 11:30. Students below grade 6 must be accompanied by a parent. Wear old clothes and shoes that can get dirty and wet. Wear a hat and mask for protection. Bring a water bottle. Gloves will be made availabe, but you are also free to bring your own pair. Use the link below to sign-up. You may also contact Miss Allegro at callegro@stmatthiasnj.org for more information.
    Thank You - Parents, the kids loved all the special snacks that you packed for them today.  You made their day!
    Mythology Project - Due Wednesday, 3/31.  Instructions were sent home and reviewed in class. Your project may be turned in earlier if you so choose. 
    Young Authors - The annual Young Authors Program is now open to Grades 3-8. Contracts and fees are due by March 3rd. Below are links to some additional information. 
    Early Dismissal - Wednesday, March 31st, will be a 12:30 dismissal day. ASP will not be in session.
    Easter Break - In observance of Easter, school will be closed from Thursday, April 1st, through Monday, April 12th.  School will reopen with a full day on Tuesday, April 13th. 
    Reading - I would really like to use this platform to encourage students to engage in more authentic reading. When I plan independent reading time in class, I find that many students are not engrossed in reading. Many students don't have books in their backpacks or desks to read. Some students "pretend" to look for books in the class library. Some students "pretend" to read. I find that a lot of time is spent dawdling instead of actual reading. As fourth graders, we are tasked with reading more complex and varied texts as well as building our reading stamina. I can teach reading strategies, read aloud to students, share and model my love of reading, and encourage students to read. I cannot actually make them read. This is something they must do for themselves and take accountability for. Another thing that I observe some students do is being off task when using the laptops. Instead of using the laptop for a specifically assigned purpose, some students are playing video games, surfing, or going onto Youtube. They must FOCUS on the learning at hand and apply themselves to their work. 
    Yearbook Time! - Place your yearbook order now while there is still time!  Please use the link below to indicate whether you WILL or WILL NOT be ordering a yearbook so that we know how many yearbooks to order.Please know that we usually do not have extras to sell at the end of the year. This may be your only opportunity. Thank you for helping us with the planning.
    Virtual School Behaviors - The 4th grade students are lovely, and I know we are all doing the best we can with virtual learning. With that being said, I do observe some distracting virtual classroom behaviors. In a nutshell, some students are doing the following during instructional time:  playing video games, watching YouTube videos, leaving for long absences, not on camera, and simply doing their "own thing."  If a distracted child is suddenly called on, he/she usually has no idea what we are doing or what we have been learning. I try to get these students back on track, but it usually only lasts for five minutes. I just wanted to bring this to your attention. Thank you.
    EPIC Reading Program - Hello, parents. EPIC is providing their online book service for free to educators and their classes. If you would like access to my EPIC, please send me an email giving me your permission along with a parent email address, which is required by EPIC. Once you send me your email address, I will enter it into EPIC. It is my understanding that you will then receive an email from EPIC. Once you open it, it will ask you to set up your parent/child account.  You should then be good to go. It is my understanding that there is no "class code"... that you must "log in as a parent."  If a child logs in as a student, then they are required to use a class code, and we were instructed not to use those.  I have included a link below with the directions for doing so. After viewing the link, if you still can't get in, please let me know. Anytime you wish to be added, just send me an email. This invitation is for 4A and 4B students. 
    Return to School - If you have traveled lately, please quarantine at home the proper number of days before returning to school. If you are not feeling well or have been exposed to someone with COVID, please quarantine as well for the sake of the school community. Thank you.
    Bishop's Holiday - As per the Bishop, school will be closed on the following Mondays:  January 4th, February 8th, March 8th, April 12th, May 10th, June 7th.
    Emergency School Closing Procedures -  Please read the link below for information on Emergency School Closing Procedures.
    Annual Fund - Below is information about the SMS Annual Fund.
    4B Needs Tissues - The 4B classroom is in need of tissues, especially with the winter season upon us. The students have been going through many boxes. If you can donate a box to our class, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
    Meet with the Principal - The principal is available to meet bi-weekly in a virtual Zoom Room. The next meeting is scheduled for January 27th from 7:15 to 8:15 a.m.  All the information can be found in the link below. 
    IXL - Students received access and a login to IXL. It is a popular learning site for students in grades K-12. SMS students will have access to the Math and ELA components. Fourth grade students received a user name and password today. We explored and worked on a diagnostic assessment. An informational letter was sent home with each child. I will post an electronic copy of it here tomorrow. Students may work on IXL whenever they choose. There are also times when the teacher will assign specific work for the class or for individual students. Please encourage your child to use this valuable resource. Thank you.
    Dress Down Day Passes - Make paying for Dress Down Days easier and more convenient. Check out the link below.
    Dress Down Day Passes
    Counselor Permission Form - If you have not filled and remitted the Counselor Permission form, please do so.
    Google Classroom - Parents and students should be aware that I have added an "Enrichment" class to my Google Classroom. I will be adding links to various topics that might pique the students' interests. I do my best to only add appropriate links; however, as you know, internet links and content change all the time. Parents should review all links before allowing their child to access. Additionally, if you know of any great links or resources that I can add to the classroom, please feel free to share them with me. Thank you for your support.
    Recorder / Band -  The form to join is due by Tuesday, October 6th. For more information visit the Musical Adventures website: http://www.musicaladventuresllp.com/  or  email questions to Mr. Malinson at:  GDMALLINSON@COMCAST.NET
    Tutoring Services - A former SMS student is offering tutoring services. UPDATE:  In addition to tutoring, Emily is also available for Homework Help for students in all grade levels. Her contact information can be found below:
    Lunch Ticket Order Forms - Due to Covid, the cafeteria will no longer be accepting cash. Instead, you can purchase lunch tickets by using the form below.
    Lunch Ticket Order Form
    Order Your Library Books by Monday Evening - Students should use their computers and Destiny to place a hold on their two library books for the week. The books will then be delivered to you during Wednesday's library class. The link below gives directions on how to place holds on books.
    Graded Papers - As a courtesy, please hang onto any "graded papers, assignments, and projects" until you are certain they have been logged into PowerSchool. This will help eliminate any potential issues. Also, I think I will be passing out student work as soon as I have reviewed them and/or graded them, instead of saving, stapling, and distributing on Mondays. Thank you.
    Reading - Students should be reading at least 40 minutes a day. They should also be reading various types of materials (books, magazines, comics, letters, cereal boxes, etc.) and genres (fiction, nonfiction, biographies, adventure, etc.). Please make sure your child also brings two or three reading books to school as soon as possible to keep in his/her Book Boxes. The students may bring the books home when they are done reading them and bring in new ones to replace them. We should always have reading material in our Book Boxes.

    SMS Spirit Wear - SMS spirit wear can now be ordered all year long. Simply go to the following link:   http://cobrapromotionsgroup.com/sms/

    Word of The Day - Many students asked me to put the link up for "Word of The Day". So, here it is, kids! I'm super happy you want to build your vocab skills! https://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day

    Chapter Books - All 4A and 4B students should keep 1 to 2 books to read in their backpacks at all times effective immediately. We want to spend a lot of time reading rich, authentic, and varied text. The chapter books may also be kept in the student's Book Box. When a book has been finished, please have your child add a new book right away. Thank you for your support.

    Kid-Friendly Search Engines - There are a few kid-friendly search engines out there. Here are three of them. If you know any more, please let me know and I will add them to the list.

    • ducksters.com
    • kidrex.org
    • safesearchkids.com
    • WebPath Express (You can get there by going to the SMS library homepage, clicking on "My Links", and then "Destiny" and then "WebPath Express".)



    Reading:  Poetry, Alliteration, Imagery, Parts of a Poem, Rhyming, Couplets, Narrative Poems, Prose, 

    Writing:  Affixes, Prefixes, Suffixes, Root Words, Greek and Latin Roots

    Grammar: Adjectives, Royal Order of Adjectives

    Social Studies:  Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights

    Religion:  Lent, Holy Week

    Good News (Students practice public speaking skills by sharing good news with the class.)

    We celebrated Jack's 10th birthday. He was excited to get a cool Lego set to build. Jack picked a cool Veggie Tales video for his friends to watch. 

    We celebrated Charlotte's 10th birthday. She likes all kinds of birthday cake. She picked a cute Veggie Tales video for her friends to watch. 

    Students have been presenting and acting out parts of their Historical Fiction projects. They all did such amazing work!

    Mustang Merits



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