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    Mrs. Jennings' Fantastic 4th Graders
    Welcome to our 4B class web site!  As you explore, I hope you will find valuable information that will keep you informed of all the happenings taking place in our classroom.  Click on the links to the left for access to homework and other important data. The information changes often so make sure you visit our web page on a regular basis.

    2019-2020 Announcements

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    September Reading Project - For our September Reading Project, students will select a grade-appropriate realistic fiction book of their choice and read it. When done, they will basically create a book jacket based on the book they read. The cover will have art work, the title, author's name, and student name. The front inside jacket flap will contain a one-paragraph summary of the book, being sure not to give away the ending. The back inside jacket flap will contain a short paragraph about the author. The back cover will contain a short blurb about the book. Make your blurb so interesting that it HOOKS the reader. Students may not copy any information from their actual books. That is plagiarizing. Students must use their own thoughts and their own words when writing. Parents, please assist me in this effort. The paper for the jackets will be passed out and folded in class. They will then go home for completion. The due date for the jacket is Friday, 10/4; however, students should select their realistic fiction book and start reading within the next day or two. Please pick a book that you will begin reading now. In other words, don't do your project on a book that you read over the summer or last year since a component of this project is to actually read. A complete set of directions with rubric along with the blank book jacket will be sent home Tuesday of this week. If you find you need an additional jacket, just let me know. Thank you. Happy Reading!
    Directory - A 4th Grade Directory was sent home today. Please review it. If you notice any mistakes, please email me the corrections. If you are not listed in the directory and wish to be, please email me the information you wish to have included. 4A parents are welcome to email me their info as well. Have all your info to me by Thursday, 9/19. I will then make the changes and send out a revised directory the following week. Thank you so much.
    Religion Test - We had an open book test on Chapter 1 in Religion last week. I did not send home advance notice or the books because I knew I wanted it to be an open book test. We practiced how to look for answers within a given text. I provided a little bit of teacher support since this was our first test. In the future, advance notice will be given for studying purposes, and the book will be sent home for most tests. However, we may have an open book test every blue moon, and so students should be prepared for that as well. 
    Dress Down Day - This Thursday, 9/19, will be a free-will donation Dress Down Day. Donations will be given to Sister Mary Vertucci at the Emosoi Center in Tanzania, a school for girls. Students may dress down in fall colors (red, yellow, brown, orange, gold, plum, etc.).
    NEW!  Scholastic Book Orders - Some kids were asking me for one more day for the Scholastic Orders. So... if you would like to place an order, please do so by tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/17) noon. Thanks so much!
    Vocab Test - A list of five vocab words were taught in class, and a sheet was sent home. Students should study the words and be prepared to test on them on Thursday, 9/19. The words are accommodate, aloft, afterthought, ancestor, and allegiance. The students will have to match the word to the definition. They will also have to choose two words and use them in a proper sentence. 
    Back to School Night Presentation - It was so nice seeing all of you at Back to School Night. We are looking forward to a wonderful year. You can find a copy of the 4th Grade Back to School Night presentation under the link to the left entitled "Extra Copies". Please contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.
    Band Form and Try Out Session - A Band Program booklet was sent home with your child today. If your child is interested in trying out one of the instruments next Tuesday, then you must fill out and return the form from the back of the booklet (We're Interested). This form is due back tomorrow (Wednesday, 9/11). Following the "try out" session, enrollment information will be sent home. If you have questions about the band program, Mr. Mallinson will be available next Tuesday (9/17) at 2:30 P.M. in the Parish Meeting Room. You can get all the information you need at that time. It is a meeting for parents, but parents are permitted to bring their children.
    SMS Athletic Association - The Association is in need of a treasurer and other volunteers. Please email Mark Huseth at athleticdir@stmatthiasnj.org if you can help in any way. Also, Mr. Huseth would like you to email him if your child is interested in playing basketball this season. Thanks so much.
    Collections - SMS will be collecting tab tobs and Boxtops this year. Feel free to collect them and send them in periodically. Thank you for your help.
    Monthly Mass - 4th Grade will be attending Mass on the first Tuesday of every month starting in October. 
    Specials - The 4B Special for this year will be:
    Monday:  Spanish
    Tuesday:  Computers
    Wednesday:  Gym (Remember to wear gym uniform and sneakers)
    Thursday:  Library. Art. (Remember to return library books every Thursday. Bring in a sketch pad for Art class sometime over the next two weeks.)
    Friday:  Music.
    Class Directory - Normally I have a Class Directory form for parents to fill out during our "Back to School" night. In an effort to be paperless, I am going to ask you to send me that information via email. So, if you would like you and your child to be included in the 4th Grade Class Directory, please email me the following information (parents' first and last names, child's first and last name, complete address with zip, an email address, and the best contact phone number. Only email me the information that you would like included. If you want to leave a section blank, that is fine. If your child has two homes, I am happy to include both. Please email me your info by September 9th. I will then put together the class directory and send it home. My email address is djennings@stmatthiasnj.org.
    Snack - We do not have snack on a daily basis in fourth grade. However, I feel it would be okay for us to enjoy a quick morning snack for the first two weeks of school as we work to adjust to the new school routine. Therefore, students should feel free to bring in a simple snack for the weeks of September 3rd and September 9th. After that, we will only be bringing in snacks on half days and special occasions. Thank you.
    Allergies - If your child has allergies, please send me an email or written note informing me of everything that I need to know. You should also inform the school nurse of any allergies or medical conditions. 
    SMS Fall Cross Country - This sport is open to all 3rd-8th graders. The links below contain the paperwork that must be completed and returned.
    Kidstuff Fundraiser - Kidstuff fundraiser books will go home Monday, 9/9. All orders and unreturned books are due back Monday, 9/23.
    No School - Friday, 9/20, in honor of World Peace Day. Students will be off from school. Staff will have a Professional Development Day.
    Parent Book Club with Ms. Brett - Join Ms. Brett on Monday, 9/23, at 6:30 P.M. in the Media Center for a parent book club called The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. 
    Student Book Club with Ms. Brett - This book club for grades 3, 4 & 5 will begin on Wednesday, 9/25, at 2:30. See if your child is interested in joining. My personal observation has been that fourth graders who participated in the book clubs really seemed to enjoy them!
    HSA Merchant Event at Mooyah's - September 25th from 3 to 9 P.M. at Mooyah's on Elizabeth Ave. 
    Odyssey of The Mind - Wednesday, 9/25, at 7 P.M. with Ms. Brett.  Interested parents and students may attend this informational session. Come learn what this club is all about!
    NEW!  COLOR RUN - October 19th. Save the date!  Contact Nicole Lewinski if interested in helping. More information will be posted soon.
    SMS Annual Night of Winners - Save the Date for Saturday, February 8th. More info will be posted at a later time.
    Graded Papers - As a courtesy, please hang onto any "graded papers, assignments, and projects" until you are certain they have been logged into PowerSchool. Thank you.
    Renaissance Connect - Parents are able to view their child's AR progress via a home connection. A letter has been sent home with all the information. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or Mrs. Lanzalotto. 
    AR Reading Levels - The 4A and 4B students have their AR reading levels and goals. I have printed it out on a label and adhered it to the inside back cover of their Student Planner. The information will be updated quarterly. The students are now aware of their reading range and goals. They should strive to meet their 1Q AR goals before the end of the first marking period. Students are also aware that they can take an AR test, at an appropriate time, in the PC lab or on a classroom iPad upon completion of a book. Please encourage your child to read and to achieve their AR reading goal. Thank you for your support. 

    Reading - Students should be reading at least 30 minutes a day. They should also be reading various types of materials (books, magazines, comics, letters, cereal boxes, etc.) and genres (fiction, nonfiction, biographies, adventure, etc.). Please make sure your child also brings two or three reading books to school as soon as possible to keep in his/her Book Boxes. The students may bring the books home when they are done reading them and bring in new ones to replace them. We should always have reading material in our Book Boxes.


    SMS Spirit Wear - SMS spirit wear can now be ordered all year long. Simply go to the following link:   http://cobrapromotionsgroup.com/sms/

    Word of The Day - Many students asked me to put the link up for "Word of The Day". So, here it is, kids! I'm super happy you want to build your vocab skills! https://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day

    Chapter Books - All 4A and 4B students should keep 1 to 2 books to read in their backpacks at all times effective immediately. We want to spend a lot of time reading rich, authentic, and varied text. The chapter books may also be kept in the student's Book Box. When a book has been finished, please have your child add a new book right away. Thank you for your support.

    Kid-Friendly Search Engines - There are a few kid-friendly search engines out there. Here are three of them. If you know any more, please let me know and I will add them to the list.

    • duckster.com
    • kidrex.org
    • safesearchkids.com
    • WebPath Express (You can get there by going to the SMS library homepage, clicking on "My Links", and then "Destiny" and then "WebPath Express".)

    Spelling Words for the Week of 9/:  




    Reading:  Read-Aloud:  Because of Winn-Dixie; Using visualization skills and activating prior knowledge to help with reading comprehension; Character traits and development; Recall; Formal vs. Informal Language

    Writing:  Writers are readers and readers are writers; Writers communicate and respond; Writers write for a specific audience; Personal Narratives; Using the 5 senses to add to enhance our writing

    Word Study:  


    Grammar: 4 types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, exclamatory, imperative); sentence punctuation

    Social Studies:  Northeast Region

    Religion:  The Goodness of God; story of Creation; Genesis is the first book in the Bible

    Good News (Students practice public speaking skills by sharing good news with the class.)

    We celebrated Lemi's 10th birthday on Thursday. His favorite birthday cake is chocolate. Everyone loved the assorted breakfast treats he brought in. Happy Birthday, Lemi!

    Values & Virtues



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