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  • We strive to engage each student spiritually and academically
    in a Christ-centered environment
    to prepare them to live as disciples and citizens.
    We listen, we reflect, we respond.


    Mrs. Jennings' Fantastic 4th Graders
    Welcome to our 4B class web site!  As you explore, I hope you will find valuable information that will keep you informed of all the happenings taking place in our classroom.  Click on the links to the left for access to homework and other important data. The information changes often so make sure you visit our web page on a regular basis.

    2019-2020 Announcements

    UPDATE!  Book Battle Club - Due to expected freezing temps and icy roadways for Tuesday, the next meeting date will be WEDNESDAY, 11/13, from 2:30 to 3:40. After the 11/14 meeting, I think we will have to move the remainder of the days to a Tuesday or Wednesday. I think I will absolutely have to change the last meeting date of Thursday, December 12th, to a different date. That was originally our Battle Day, but I don't want it to conflict with Choir. I will send home a memo this week about all the future dates. In the meantime, keep reading your Battle Books.
    November Biography Pizza Project - Directions for our November biography project were sent home. The project and directions were discussed in class, and a model was shown. The project is due 12/16.
    Scholastic Book Orders - Scholastic book orders went home. If interested, please place your online order by this Monday, 11/11. Thank you.
    Talent Show - If you have talent and love performing, or if you want to learn more about it, then join this year's SMS Talent Show, which is open to all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. You can find all the information in the links below. I know the kids who performed last year really had a lot of fun, so please consider it. Solos, duets, and group performances are all acceptable. 
    Talent Showcase Flyer
    Talent Show Case Permission Slip
    Saints Among Us Project - Due Friday, 11/15. We discussed the project in class and directions were sent home.
    Saints Among Us Project
    SMS Maker Space - SMS would like to obtain certain materials for their upcoming Maker Space. Click on the link below for all the information.
    eWaste Recycling Design Contest - Submit your ewaste recycling design. Contest begins 11/1. Winners will be revealed on 11/15. 
    ecycling contest
    ELA/Computer Cross-Curricular Project - Ask your child to log into his/her SMS Google account. You will then be able to see your child's technology project which was based on our study of Point of View and Perspective. The kids had a lot of fun creating their own projects!
    Food Drive - The Student Council will be sponsoring a food drive for the Franklin Food Bank from November 1st through November 15th. Grade 4 is asked to bring in pasta. Thank you for your support.
    Open House Grades PreK to Gr. 2 - Tuesday, 11/19, from 9 to 11 A.M. Tell your friends and family.
    Thanksgiving Mass and Celebration of Donors - Join us on Friday, 11/22, at our 9:00 A.M. Mass to celebrate Thanksgiving and our generous donors. The fourth grade class will be preparing the Mass. All are welcome.
    Sound, Music, and Math Assembly - Tuesday, 11/26, at 9:00 A.M. for Grades 2, 3, & 4. Presented by the Franklin Institute.
    12:30 Dismissal Day - Wednesday, 11/27, will be a 12:30 dismissal day with NO ASP. All students should bring a snack and drink. Please make sure your child knows how he/she is going home on this half day.
    No School - Thursday or Friday, 11/28 & 11/29, in observance of Thanksgiving. Enjoy the holiday.
    Restock Pencil Bag - Many students are out of pencils! They have even used up all the extras that were in their "extra supplies" bag. Please ask your child what supplies he or she is in need of (i.e. pencils, glue sticks, scissors, pens, highlighters, etc.). Help your child to replenish their pencil bag as it is difficult to complete school work without any supplies. Thank you for your help.
    U.S. Northeast Region Landmark Assignment - Social Studies Writing: Amazing Landmark of the Northeastern Region writing paper and illustration due Monday, 10/21, for 4B (due Tuesday, 10/22, for 4A). Pick a landmark from one of the 11 states in the northeast region of the U.S. With a parent's help, you may use the internet to help with your search. Use books or the internet to research information about your chosen landmark (natural or man-made). Take notes while you are looking up info. Turn your notes into an informative paragraph (minimum of 7 sentences with a topic sentence and concluding sentence being two of them). Use your own words. Do not plagiarize! Proofread your work. Then, paste a large enough picture of your landmark into the "picture box" or use your own drawing skills. Remember to add color and details! Your final product should be neat and informative. It will count as a Social Studies and Writing assessment. I will not assign any other homework this week so that you may focus on this.
    SMS Book Battle Club - This new club is open to 4th and 5th grade students. Please note that it is possible for one or two of the dates to change.
    Chess Club - If you are interested in joining the SMS Chess Club, please fill out and remit the attached permission slip by October 25th. The club will meet on Thursday from 2:35 to 3:45 in the Music classroom beginning November 7th.
    October is Mystery Month - For the month of October, we will be reading and studying from the Mystery genre. Directions for an October Literacy Project was sent home. Students should select a mystery book within their reading range to begin reading. Please make sure that the mystery you select is in the AR program as you will be asked to take an AR quiz on your mystery when done.
    Graded Papers - As a courtesy, please hang onto any "graded papers, assignments, and projects" until you are certain they have been logged into PowerSchool. This will help eliminate any potential issues. Also, I think I will be passing out student work as soon as I have reviewed them and/or graded them, instead of saving, stapling, and distributing on Mondays. Thank you.
    AR Goals - All fourth grade students have been given their reading goals for the first marking period. Students need to meet their goal two days before the marking period ends. If they do so, they will earn a full 10 points. If they only meet a percentage of their goal, then the student will earn the equivalent in points (80% of goal met = 8 points). Students should be striving to read two novels/chapter books a week. Students are given lots of opportunity to take AR assessments (homeroom, independent reading time, independent working time, etc.). 
    Mad Science Registration - Mad Science Registration forms were sent home today. Classes take place Mondays from October 7th to November 25th. Seating is limited so be sure to register early if interested.
    Prayer Group - Begins 10/10 from 2:30 to 3:15 in Room 5B. Open to students in grades 3-8. No Prayer Group on 11/7.
    Workbooks - Just a friendly notice... When workbooks go home for homework, please only do the assigned pages. Do not work ahead as that just leads to confusion. Thank you for your help with this.
    Directory - A 4th Grade Directory was sent home. Please review it. If you notice any mistakes, please email me the corrections. If you are not listed in the directory and wish to be, please email me the information you wish to have included. 4A parents are welcome to email me their info as well. Have all your info to me by Thursday, 9/19. I will then make the changes and send out a revised directory the following week. Thank you so much.
    Collections - SMS will be collecting tab tobs and Boxtops this year. Feel free to collect them and send them in periodically. Thank you for your help.
    Monthly Mass - 4th Grade will be attending Mass on the first Tuesday of every month starting in October. 
    Specials - The 4B Special for this year will be:
    Monday:  Spanish
    Tuesday:  Computers
    Wednesday:  Gym (Remember to wear gym uniform and sneakers)
    Thursday:  Library. Art. (Remember to return library books every Thursday.)
    Friday:  Music.
    Allergies - If your child has allergies, please send me an email or written note informing me of everything that I need to know. You should also inform the school nurse of any allergies or medical conditions. 
    SMS Annual Night of Winners - Save the Date for Saturday, February 8th. More info will be posted at a later time.
    Renaissance Connect - Parents are able to view their child's AR progress via a home connection. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or Mrs. Lanzalotto. 
    AR Reading Levels - The 4A and 4B students have their AR reading levels and goals. I have printed it out on a label and adhered it to the inside back cover of their Student Planner. The information will be updated quarterly. The students are now aware of their reading range and goals. They should strive to meet their 1Q AR goals before the end of the first marking period. Students are also aware that they can take an AR test, at an appropriate time, in the PC lab or on a classroom iPad upon completion of a book. Please encourage your child to read and to achieve their AR reading goal. Thank you for your support. 

    Reading - Students should be reading at least 30 minutes a day. They should also be reading various types of materials (books, magazines, comics, letters, cereal boxes, etc.) and genres (fiction, nonfiction, biographies, adventure, etc.). Please make sure your child also brings two or three reading books to school as soon as possible to keep in his/her Book Boxes. The students may bring the books home when they are done reading them and bring in new ones to replace them. We should always have reading material in our Book Boxes.

    SMS Spirit Wear - SMS spirit wear can now be ordered all year long. Simply go to the following link:   http://cobrapromotionsgroup.com/sms/

    Word of The Day - Many students asked me to put the link up for "Word of The Day". So, here it is, kids! I'm super happy you want to build your vocab skills! https://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day

    Chapter Books - All 4A and 4B students should keep 1 to 2 books to read in their backpacks at all times effective immediately. We want to spend a lot of time reading rich, authentic, and varied text. The chapter books may also be kept in the student's Book Box. When a book has been finished, please have your child add a new book right away. Thank you for your support.

    Kid-Friendly Search Engines - There are a few kid-friendly search engines out there. Here are three of them. If you know any more, please let me know and I will add them to the list.

    • duckster.com
    • kidrex.org
    • safesearchkids.com
    • WebPath Express (You can get there by going to the SMS library homepage, clicking on "My Links", and then "Destiny" and then "WebPath Express".)



    Reading: Text Structures help writers to ORGANIZE their information while helping readers with comprehension. Text structures include Compare & Contrast, Cause & Effect, Problem & Solution, Description, and Sequence. Narrative Text Leads (dialogue lead, question lead, action lead, snapshot/imagery lead, inner thoughts lead, sound effects lead, flashback lead). We are participating in the Global Read-Aloud project. The chosen book for 4th graders around the world is Front Desk.

    Writing:  Punctuating Dialogue; Quotation Marks in Direct Speech; Split Quotations; Writing a paragraph with a topic sentence, 3 detail sentences, and a strong concluding sentence. Writing a narrative (story).

    Word Study Words for Week of 10/28:  crashes, lashes, witches, watches, buses, gases, kisses, passes, boxes, taxes, waltzes, buzzes. (Words ending in s, sh, ch, x, z, s, and ss usually have an "es" added at the end to make them plural.) Test Friday, 11/15.


    Grammar: Prepositions, Prepositional Phrases; Capitalization ("I", beginning of sentences, proper nouns, acronyms, some abbreviations, titles of books, movies, songs, etc., languages, and nationalities); Sentences (fragments & complete); Nouns (singular, plural, singular possessive, plural possessive); Precise Nouns and Verbs, Possessive Nouns (singular & plural)

    Social Studies:  Southeast Region; Midwest Region

    Religion:  Be Kind project; Practicing for the Thanksgiving Mass

    Good News (Students practice public speaking skills by sharing good news with the class.)

    Due to our high participation in the Color Run, 4B students were treated to a wonderful pizza party.

    4th graders made KINDNESS signs to help spread the word throught the school community.

    We celebrated Dominic's birthday on Friday. His real birthday is Sunday. Dominic's favorite birthday cake is vanilla. He is hoping to get some Nerf guns for his birthday. Everybody loved the yummy donuts he brought in. Happy Birthday, Dominic!


    Mustang Merits



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