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    Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. I can be reached at nerhart@stmatthiasnj.org



    Helpful information for a successful year:

    • BEFORE AND AFTER SCHOOL: I have an open door policy and will be available before or after school for extra help, above and beyond work, conferences, and study sessions (date/time will be posted on calendar for group study sessions).  Please let me know how I can help-advanced notice is appreciated.
    • BIRTHDAYS: We still love to celebrate birthdays in fifth grade! If you wish, you are welcome to bring in treats on your birthday to share with your classmates.  The treats must be store-bought and clearly marked with an ingredient label.  Please keep in mind that we have 19 students in 5A.  Thank you!
    • SUPPLIES: Please be sure to come to class prepared every day, with all of your supplies. You may purchase any supplies you might need before school on Tuesdays and during lunchtime on Thursdays.
    • TISSUES: Please bring a small pack of tissues and a small Ziplock bag to school with you daily.
    • CHAPTER BOOK: Please bring a chapter book to school each day for quiet reading time during homeroom and your other class periods, as time permits.  There is also a selection of chapter books in the classroom that you can request to borrow (see Mrs. Erhart for selection approval and sign-out procedures).
    • SNACK: Remember to bring a snack to school with you on half days.
      • Mondays: Art
      • Tuesdays: Music
      • Wednesdays: Computers
      • Thursdays: GYM (please wear your gym uniform)
      • Fridays: Spanish & Library


    We strive to engage each student spiritually and academically
    in a Christ-centered environment,
    to prepare them to live as disciples and citizens.

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