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    Mrs. Chabra  
                    Welcome to 
                  THE ART ROOM!

    I am very excited to announce that we now have an ART ROOM!

      This will allow the students to experience a greater variety of materials and techniques while still meeting curriculum standards. 

    At the moment, the room is a work-in-progress, but it is coming along.            



    Wish list


      colored electrical tape


     paper plates to use as paint palettes




     house paint brushes (flat) any size - used ok.  


    cleaning products: hand wipes, desk wipes, paper towels


    Rug "Fun Time Painting Time" 51" x 78" (or something similar for the "littles" to sit on)


    Tomato "cages"  - 3 large and 2 small

    painters tape 1" assorted colors





    A little about me:

    Education and Employment: This is my 32nd year as art teacher at St. Matthias School. I have also taught at St. Paul’s School, Highland Park and St. Frances Cabrini School, Piscataway. I hold a BFA from NYIT in commercial art/advertising design, NJ certification from Kean U. as an artist/educator, and an MA in Liberal Studies with a focus on art history and women’s studies from Excelsior College. Before becoming an art teacher I worked as a portrait studio photographer for American Photograph Corporation and in the magazine/comic book industry for Charlton Comics/Publications in promotion including in-house and direct mail advertising layout and design.

    I have had my work displayed in the Piscataway Juried Art Exhibit and at a MoMA student digital exhibit. I participated in a collaborative painting project that is now available at the Brooklyn Art Library and will soon be available in a digital form.

    I like to travel especially on art-related trips. My most exciting journey was to Kuna Yala to meet the people and learn more about their unique Mola art form.