Math & Religion

  • Welcome to 8A !


    Hello Students and Parents!


    My name is Peter Garlatti and I am excited to be working with the seventh and eighth grade classes in Mathematics this school year!


    I believe in giving the students the opportunity to show and develop their personal responsibility. As such, they will be asked to complete in class and at home assignments in an organized and timely manner. We will review particular procedures and formats when we return to class and students will be expected to follow them. Students will be expected to have their pencils, notebook, and calculator with them for every class and they will be notified if they need to bring other supplies such as rulers, colored pencils, and highlighters.


    Math is not only about finding the correct answer but also about how the student arrives at the correct answer. Students are expected to the show their work and how they arrived at their asnwer in order to show understanding of the concepts as well as to help with memorizing the processes that they will be using in the upcoming years of high school math. Being able to find, analyze, and correct mistakes as students attempt a problem will be a very important skill to have and the best way to practice it is to have their own work in front of them to look through. Besides the "what" of the answer the students have to know the "how" to get to the answer.


    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions; the best way to reach me is by email at Once again I am looking forward to being your child’s math teacher and am looking forward to the school year!




    Peter Garlatti