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  •   October 1, 2020

    Hello parents, students and the community at St Matthias,

    My name is Mr. James Weber, and I will be the new Physical Education teacher here at St Matthias School.  Please forgive me for being tardy in my update of the this page. I will be working to update the page and keep it relevant for students and parents. COVID-19 has made gym class slightly more difficult to conduct this year. Children will only take part in gym class if they are in person students. Virtual students will be exempt from a grade in gym class. Gym classes are currently only being held outside. The use of items such as a ball or a hockey stick is difficult due to having to disinfect between students touching them. I am preparing class lessons to accomidate our "new normal". 

    As the year moves into late fall and winter, We will move to the "Health and Wellness" portion of our Physical Education classes. The virtual students will take part in these classes and soon students will find google classrooms for this portion of Physical Education. The curriculum for the "Health and Wellness" portion of Physical Education is directly from the state standards. I will also be developing class lessons on "Emotional Wellness". I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and have practiced counseling and therapy for adults for over 15 years. I will now transition to working with our grade school learners. These times can be uncertain and cause added stress to our lives. As a therapist I will address things such as dealing with emotions, stress and anxiety in our "Health and Wellness" classes. In time I will also begin to be able to meet individully or in smaller groups with children to help support and teach skills to manage these feelings.

    I look forward to this school year, getting to know all the children and meeting parents. My hope is that I can provide fun and physically active gym classes. I also want to assist our St Matthias students and families to navigate the wide range of emotions and feelings that come along with ths new way of going to school.

    James Weber