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    There are many areas to the website that I know you will find great value in.  My Curriculum for each grade is in my Classroom News page. I have also put in my grading criteria and  Classroom rules in the Classroom News pages .Please note that the New Diocesan Grading Criteria states that effort, conduct and participation are not assessed in the student's grade, but in the Personal Growth section of the report card this year. Physical Education Grade Schedules are located in my Classroom News.  Please check out my New Class schedule  for 2019-2020 in my Classroom News.

                     During the summer, I became very sick and had a nine day stay in the hospital. Ms. Brett informed me of all of your thoughts and prayers for me to get well. I want to thank you for all of your support and prayers at this difficult time, they mean so much to me. I am at home now and starting on my way to getting stronger for a full recovery. Many small steps and Doctors visits to make, but feeling a little stronger each day. I miss all of you but am thinking of you every day. I want to thank Mr. Hicks for stepping in for me and teaching the students during this time. I will see you as soon as I have recovered and am cleared by my doctors to return to work. Your prayers and God's love will help make that happen soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            God Bless you all and Peace always.     Mr. Johnson.


                  *****  ATHLETIC BOWL ****  February 1st, 2019 { Friday }
    Congratulations To the A-Green Team Classes for winning the Athletic Bowl this year. Congratulations to all of our students for doing such a great job playing in the Athletic Bowl this year. I am so proud of you all!     Thank you,    Mr. Johnson

    Each Grade should take about 20 minutes to do their game. Because of time and safety concerns, half of the 1st to 8th graders will do the Athletic bowl this year.The other half of the students will be in the Athletic Bowl next year. 

                                  ****** AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS RULES. ******           

             3RD  to 8th grade students may attend with a permission note from their parent.

                    "   There will be no sports if the Field is a mess or it is raining. "

                    "  There is No After School Sports on Half Days for school.  "



                              After School Sports Starts: 

                              After School Sports ENDS on:  

            Monday :  Archery Football-   3 PM to 4 PM.

            TuesdayFootball - 3 PM to 4 PM         

            WednesdaySoccer - 3 PM to 4 PM                              

                    Students should bring sneakers  and a Water Bottle to these sports! 

    Parents should have a plan for their child to get home when a sport is canceled.

    Bus Students should go to the A.S.P.  program or students should go to the school office to call their parents to tell them that a sport has been canceled for that day! Parents can also call the office if they think that the sport may be canceled due to the weather.   


                                   STUDENT GROWTH Objective Goal for 2018-2019

     To improve 60 % of the Fifth grader's Jump Rope totals for 1 minute by 20 jumps at the end of the year.   { May 17th,2019 =   84 %  of the 5th graders have reached the Goal }.


          Congratulations to as the 2018 Saint Matthias Jr.High Archery Champions. 


    Congratulations to ---- for winning the 2018 Jr. High Foul Shooting Contest this year.


             April &  May - 2019 Curriculums:   KA & KB are learning throwing skills, Pin Bombardment ,Bounce Dodgeball and Cooperative teamwork activities { Frog Soup Relay, Funky Feet Relay, Spoon/Egg carrry and Parachute activities}.

         1st to 4th graders are doing:  Intro to Floor hockey, 3rd/4th Mini Bowling unit and simple Track skills  { 40 yard Shuttle Run, Standing long Jump and 50 yard Dash } and kickball.

          5th to 8th graders are doing: Pillow Polo or Floor Hockey, Fitness activities { 1 minute Sit-Up Test } Hand-Ball, Prisoner's ball , Crossfire Throwing Game, Intro To Track & Field { 40 Yard Shuttle Run, Standing Long Jump, Shot put and 100 yard Dash}, Kickball and Wiffle Ball.

    7th and 8th grade students will continue to read and discuss some Home News articles with importance to our students. There will be group discussions on some current topics in the news, to use problem solving skills.




                                                       Bench Pressing


    Floor Hockey


                                                                       Pillow Polo


                               Jump Rope      Scooter Basketball