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  •   AUGUST 1st,2020          To all of my past and present students,


                It is with great sadness that I am writting this memo! My Physicians have cautioned me about returning to teaching this year. They told me that after last year's Sepsis illness, I am at High Risk to get the COVID-19 Virus. 

                My Cardio Atrial Fibrillation Arrhthmia and Kidney illness puts me in a poor position to return to teach this September. The New Reopening plans would put me into classrooms to teach Health and this environment would 

                increase my chances to contact the COVID Virus. This is a risk that I can not take at this time.

               I would like to thank all of you for Fourty Two years of Happiness and wounderful memories. I have been Truely Blessed to be at Saint Matthias all of these years. I hope that I have had a positive influence in your life and that

               you enjoyed my Physical Education classes or "After School Sports" while you were at Saint Matthias.You touched my heart with your friendship and laughter all of these years. I don't know what God's plans are for me

               in the future, but I have been blessesd to know all of you at Saint Matthias.I will miss you everyday and pray you will be happy. Stay safe and healthy! May God keep you and your family safely in his care. I am sure 

               I will see some of you in the future ! Remember my classes fondly. God Bless you always.     Peace, Mr. Johnson