1B - Miss Mendez - St. Matthias School

  • We strive to engage each student spiritually and academically

    in a Christ-centered environment to prepare them to live as disciples and citizens.



    Miss Mendez's Fantastic First Graders


    Welcome to our 1B class web site!  As you explore, I hope you will find valuable information that will keep you informed of all the happenings taking place in our classroom.  Click on the links to the left for access to homework and other important information. The information changes often so make sure you visit our web page on a regular basis.



    1B and School News:


    • Monday is Field Day.  The children may wear shorts and tee shirts along with sneakers.  Please put sunscreen on your child before they come to school.  We will be outside all morning and it is supposed to be a sunny day.  They also need to bring a water bottle with their name on it and a beach towel to sit on for lunch.  Monday will also be our End of the Year Party.  Please send in snacks and items. 


    • Tuesday we will have our 1A Talent Show.  It will begin at 8:45 in our classroom.  If you need to get to work and would like your child to perform at the beginning of the program, please send me a note. All information regarding the show can be found on the note that was sent home. 


    • Thursday and Friday are half days.  Students may wear their gym uniform both days.  The uniform swap will be in the cafeteria. 


    • Our End of Year Prayer Service will be next Friday at 11:15 in church.  Please join us!




    Values & Virtues: Miss Mortenson, our School Counselor, will again be running the SMS Values & Virtues program. This program will also coincide nicely with the Pope's Laudato Si. The virtue for the month of May is Honesty. The two students from each homeroom who best demonstrate this value will be selected and acknowledged. See Miss Mortenson's web site for more information on the Values & Virtues program. 


    Please Note:


    • The class will have Science on Mondays and Social Studies with Mrs. Dillon on Tuesdays.  All homework assignments for these two subjects are due the next week.

    • We are finished using the math books for now.  We will use them again some time in May.  Starting today, the children will be bringing home worksheets that we've done in class as well as a homework worksheet.  Please keep a folder with the classwork worksheets in it.  This will aid in studying for tests.





    Transportation Action Alert - Please look at the following link and take action on behalf of transportation for Catholic Schools. http://files.constantcontact.com/b431b718001/cbce13e5-a18c-4e1d-a872-f41dfd370f29.pdf