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    Welcome to Week 9 of Remote Learning!

    The third grade is using Google Classroom for its work and assignments. This allows us to communicate more regularly and allows us to share work. This will increase the use of the Google platform. You may check Blackboard and the class websites for 3A and 3B, or you may go right to Google Classroom and skip this step. Here's how this will work:

    • Every morning, Monday through Friday, Ms. Crimmel and Miss Allegro will each post on their Google Classrooms lessons and work for the students to complete. Some of the work will be in books the students brought home but some will need to be done online.
    • Additionally, both teachers will be online from 9AM until 12 Noon each day Monday through Friday. If students or parents have questions, they may email the teachers. Teachers will return emails as quickly as possible. After 12 Noon teachers will continue to check emails but it may take a while longer for a response.
    • Each day, students should also check the website of the specials teacher that they would have visited that day to see if there is an assignment for that class.
    • We will be using more of the Google enhancements available to us. Be patient as we learn to use them together.  


    All about your teacher- Hi! My name is Miss Allegro and I have been teaching here at St. Matthias for 25 years. I have taught 8th grade, 4th grade and now 3rd grade. Prior to coming to SMS I taught high school, junior high and elementary school. I love to teach and think it is great to learn something new everyday! I am currently teaching math, social studies and science to all third grade students and religion to my homeroom students. Look for science labs, projects about Native Americans and Presidents, and lots of math solving strategies this year! If you have questions about anything - please send a note or email. Thanks!  

    Food Bank - We collect food for the Franklin Food Bank each week in the third grade. Things needed are: pasta, sauce, cereal, rice, tuna fish, soup, canned vegetables, canned fruit, peanut butter and jelly. Please No glass containers.  Any extra items such as boxed mashed potatoes, stuffing mix, baby food or toiletries would be welcome. Thanks!

    As of 4/1 we have collected 78 pounds of food.