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  • Happy June!

    As the school year winds down, we acknowledge all of our students for their growth in character development. Thank you to all the teachers who accomodated my lessons this year and to the students for participating in the virtue activities each month.

    June's value and virtue is excellence. Students who are recognized for excellence have shown good character all year long. Congratulations for all the effort you put forth in being a good example for others.


    *Please check the Value and Virtue of the month section for more information.



    Note: Teachers or administration may refer a student to the school counselor if he/she feels that assistance would help your child academically, personally, or socially.

    Students may request to meet with the school counselor if he/she is having a problem personally, with another student (socially) or academically.

    Parents may also contact the school counselor with any questions or concerns regarding their child/children.

    **The school counselor will contact parents when necessary regarding a meeting with their child or children.

    **If you have any questions or concerns regarding your child meeting with me, please feel free to contact me directly via e-mail or by calling the main office.



    Here you will find counseling resources, helpful tools, tips, and web sites that will interest both parents and students.




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