Honeywell Alert Enrollment

  • The Honeywell Alert system is our primary means of communication, it is very important for you, our parents, to help us communicate with you.
    All parents should be enrolled in the
    Honeywell Alert system.   
    First, parents, who are already enrolled, are reminded to periodically check your Honeywell account for current information, using the website address below.  If an important phone number or email address changes or an additional phone number or email address needs to be added, please remember to periodically update your account.  

    Second, parents are also asked not to call the school when the alert is sent out.  All pertinent information will be in the alert message.  Our phone system gets inundated needlessly.   
    Lastly, for parents that are new to the school, please go to the following website to sign up as a new user:   

    On the home page, select "Parent" in the New User Box.
    On the next page, select the state of New Jersey and then select St. Matthias School as the District and fill in all required information.

    Honeywell sends an alert to everyone registered in the system.  If you find that you are not receiving these Honeywell alerts, please let us know by sending an email to so that we can include you on our contact list.