Student Council



    Our Student Council Leadership has been involved in a long-range fundraiser to provide water drinking stations in the school to replace the existing water fountains.  These filling stations respond to our concerns about the environment and also provide clean water for our students.  So, please continue to support our dress down days where some of the profit is used for outreach and the balance for these water filling stations.  Thank you!





    2019 - 2020 Student Council Officers


      SMS Student Council     


    President - Perry D

    Vice President - Jon M

    Secretary - Mikaela V

    Treasurer James N


    Moderator - Mrs. Lynch



    Homeroom Representatives:


    5A - Logan J. & Molly S.

    5B - Michael D. & Natalie M.


    6 - Liana W. & Natalie Q. & Toby M. &  Amari S.


    7A - Edward S. & Renee B.

    7B - William M. & Marina P.


    8A - Nicholas D. & Gabriella L.

    8B - Alexis O. & Matthew T.