Student Council


    The goal of the St. Matthias 2020-2021 Student Council is to provide an opportunity to take a leadership role both virtually and in person to help support their Church and School Community. It also gives the students a chance to speak out on positive changes they would like to initiate to help improve the learning experience and environment.  





    2020 - 2021 Student Council Officers


    Student Council Officers




    President - James N

    Vice President - Tyler H

    Secretary - Samuel K

    Treasurer Paul D


    Moderators - Mrs. Debra de Leon and Mr. Peter Garlatti



    Homeroom Representatives:


    5A - Chloe Y.

    5B - Jordan N.


    6A - Michael D.

    6B - Maya D.


     7 - Angela W. and Isabella B.


    8A - Renee B.

    8B - Nigel D.