SMS Philosophy


    Saint Matthias School is a Catholic School dedicated to "Faith, Caring and Excellence".  In partnership with the family, Saint Matthias School encourages the children to grow as worthwhile members of the Christian community.  Believing that the key to successful performance and behavior is self-esteem, we are committed to developing strength of character, decision-making skills, and a mature sense of civic and Christian responsibility.

    We at Saint Matthias School, strive to witness by speech, action, and attitudes the doctrines and moral standards of the Roman Catholic Church.  Prayer is a daily experience, either creative or traditional.  Faculty and staff, principal, pastor, and parents complement each other with their unique gifts and talents.  The Saint Matthias Community guides the children toward a personal relationship with the Lord as Father and Friend —a Lord who loves and forgives.

    Each teacher assumes not only the role of planner and director of learning experiences
    , but also that of motivator and source of personal support.  Parent-teacher team efforts are encouraged so those students will feel the security of this common bond.  Students are encouraged to be mutually supportive and responsible Christians.  This caring environment fosters student participation in service projects to witness to the larger community.

    Saint Matthias School strives to instill a sense of wonder, enthusiasm, and respect for learning.  Children are introduced to ideas and experiences logically in an ever widening and challenging program.  Attempts to meet individual needs are facilitated by a wealth of teacher resource material and the expanding use of the latest technologies.  Professional growth opportunities are valued to enhance educational expertise.  Administration with faculty participation determines school policy, which is consistent with the guidelines established by the Diocese of Metuchen.  The teachers on a continual basis evaluate the traditional curriculum, which is formulated in accordance with Diocesan curriculum guidelines.

    Saint Matthias School faculty values parents as primary educators and partners in the holistic development of their children. Together we provide experience in practicing love in action. By continually affirming students' self-esteem, the school stresses caring for others and fosters the quest for excellence.