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  • Welcome to PreK-3!

                           Mrs. Tharp- PreK 3 Teacher                Mrs. Williams- Instructional Assistant

                                   Mrs. Tharp                         Mrs. Williams  

    Our Mission

    We strive to engage each student spiritually and academically

    in a Christ-centered environment,

    to prepare them to live as disciples and citizens.



    Welcome 2019-2020 PreK3 students! We are so happy to have you in our class! 


    General Class Information:


    Rest time sheets and blankets will be sent home on Friday's to be washed. Please return them on Mondays. 

    We are no longer considered a "Peanut-Free classroom". Peanut butter/peanut products are permitted.  

    If your child is not feeling well, please keep them home to rest! We would like to avoid the spread of germs and illness. Thank you for your understanding! 


    Dress Code:

    School gym uniform is to be worn each day

    Sneakers (No Laces, unless your child can tie them independently!!)

    Please refer to the PreK Handbook for specific guidelines in regards to the uniform




  • Your child needs:

    • 1 regular sized backpack. NO wheels.
    • Change of clothes (1 shirt, 2 pairs of underwear, 2 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of socks) in a clear Ziploc bag labeled
      • We ask that when dirty clothes are sent home, you replace them by the next school day
    • Rest Time sheets & blankets. This includes 1 crib sized sheet, 1 small blanket, and an optional small, soft, QUIET stuffed animal to rest with
      • Sheets go home on Fridays to be washed, and are to be returned Mondays. If your child is not in school on Fridays, sheets will go home on their last day of the school week.
    • Smock, a large, old Tshirt is just fine
    • Headphones

    Put your child's name on EVERYTHING!