Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Debra de Leon


     It is with great pleasure that I return as a staff member to St. Matthias for the 2020-2021 school year. I am very excited for the opportunity to be teaching language arts to grades 7 and 8 this school year! Being a teacher is such a privilege; one that I keep near and dear to my heart.

    During this school year, I realize that students will be faced with many challenges both inside and outside the classroom. I am confident that our wonderful SMS students will be ready to take these challenges head on. The middle school teachers at St. Matthias have been researching the best practices for students to receive during their educational journey this school year. Our goal is for each and every student to succeed in our classrooms while utilizing the best resources available to us.

    Because I have been a Catholic middle school educator for 17 years, I know the importance of these years to the education and development of our students. Students who enter my classroom will experience an educational environment that fosters their strengths and encourages growth in other areas.  I believe that each student should be encouraged to keep a positive mindset in every situation and know that they can achieve any goal they set for themselves. Because I know the importance of the development of students at this time, every student I educate knows that from the first day they step into my classroom, they can count on me for support in any facet of their lives.  I also know the hard work and dedication that parents contribute to providing a quality Catholic education to their children and hope to continue this goal each and every day their child enters the doors of Saint Matthias.

     I am excited for the upcoming school year and seeing all the goals our students in the middle school can reach! Please contact me at anytime during the school year. 

Mrs. de León