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    Welcome to my Foreign Language class!




    Dear Parents and Students,

    Welcome to my World language class!

    My name is Eva Adamski and I will be your foreign language proctor.

    If my name sounds familiar to you that's because I have been a St Matthias Parent since 2009 when my oldest daughter began attending PreK 3.

    I am excitied to have joined the St. Matthias School family as a member of the faculty and I'm looking forward working you this year.

    This school year is particularly exciting as we have decided to implement Rosetta Stone for  foreign language program.

    By adopting the Rosetta Stone program our students will have the opportunity to choose from 23 different language programs, making each students language experience unique. 

    I noticed many students chose languages based on their own family background as a way to stay connected with their own cultural heritage, I believe this is a beautiful idea. But did you know learning a second language makes us more understanding and accepting of other cultures, their traditions and ideas. Learning about other languages and cultures allows us the opportunity to explore other forms of viewing, and living in, our multicultural world. Learning about others helps us become more educated, respectful and understanding of people.

    Learning a new language also serves to improve cognitive skills and academic performance, including math, reading comprehension and vocabulary. It may also increase memory,  creativity and  improve the ability to multitask. Ultimately, it can help us to become well rounded global citizens of the world.


    I look forward to going on this journey with you,

    Mrs. Adamski (Mrs A.)

    Foreign Language Proctor



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