Homework ELA: 7



    Homework: 7th Grade ELA

    (7A and 7B)



    Daily Reading Homework:


    (1)  Read for 30 minutes! (This can be your independent book, a favorite magazine, reading to a younger sibling or with a parent... or even listening to an audiobook before bed! The idea is to develop a reading habit which will turn into a lifelong love for reading.)


    (2) One Reader Response must be completed each day. If not completed in class, finish for homework.


    Daily Writing Homework:


    (1)  Work on writing your Rough Draft (topic sentence in your introductory paragraph, then write 3 instructive-paragraphs or more if needed, finish with a concluding paragraph)  Typed into Google Classroom using Times New Roman Font size 12 point. Heading may be any creative font/size/color you would like to enhance your essay. Submit by midnight 10/31.


    (2)  If you have not finished your daily in-class Reading Response or any in-class Essay writing assignment, please finish it for homework so you do not fall behind with your classwork.



    Daily Vocab Homework:


    (1)  Study your weekly Vocab words! Test on Friday.






    Below is a detailed explanation of some of our classwork/projects/assignments:









    This week, we will begin MYSTERY month (October). 




    (required in class) Students complete a daily Reading Response sheet for the 20 minutes they read in their independent book during Silent Sustained Reading time.   (If a student is absent, they complete the Reading Response in response to their 30 mins evening reading)

    (The Reading Responses will create a log in your ELA Binder: Reading Section and will help you with your comprehension, vocab and recall of the plot, characters and setting in your story. After you finish your Independent Book, your log will help you prepare for your AR test.)





    ESSAY (required)

    We are working on our Technical Writing ("How To" Instructions). This week we are brainstorming topics and beginning our Rough Drafts.





    • Grade 7 Vocabulary List #4 is posted on Google Classroom.

      Prepare for Test Friday 10/11  (Prepare = study your words and try to use them with your family!)




      Sample Vocab Test


      Name             Date


      (spell the word that the teacher states)

      (part of speech) 




      (sentence: underline the vocab word)


      (alternate use for 2 extra credit points: You must spell the alternate usage of the vocab word and correctly list the part of speech, definition and use it properly in a sentence)




    We are using Warriner's Grammar and Composition in class. 




    Every Friday is an opportunity for Public Speaking in one of two ways:

    1. read at our weekly Mass

    2. bring in an item to present to the class in 1 minute. (presentation should be spoken slowly, enunciated clearly and volume should project to the back of the room. Presentation should include: your name, a description of the item and who gave it to you or what you use it for, etc).