Featured Website for April

  • Focus on the family has a blog that I stumbled upon and I found this article on friendship to be a great read. It's called, "Wanted: Good Friends". In any school, chidren are going to face social conflicts with classmates whether they are the best of friends or simply classmates. Unfortunately, conflict is a normal part of growing up and I try to teach the students that we can't control what others decide to do or say. We can, however, control our responses and the way we react to such conflicts. Love is the strongest of virtues and no matter what, God wants us to show love to everyone. Even when someone is not showing us love and kindess. Revenge should never be the answer, but we know as people who make mistakes, it will happen sometimes. We have to learn from these experiences and try to make better decisions next time.

    Take a look at this article and I hope you find it to be a good read like I did. Continue to guide your children as they make friends and deal with conflicts.