• Summer Book Recommendations
    by the Students of 4th Grade


    11 Birthdays by Barbara O’Connor
    Recommended by Angela
    Amanda and Leo have always been best friends. After their mothers met when Amanda and Leo were born, they never expected to see each other again. But ever since their first birthday party room was accidently double-booked, they’ve shared birthday parties every year. That is, until their tenth birthday, when Leo said some things he could never take back. On Amanda’s 11th birthday, she can’t wait for it to be over, so she can’t be reminded of the fight that caused her and Leo to have separate parties. After the party, she is relieved for the next day is Saturday. She has just one problem: the next day is her birthday all over again.


    American Girl Doll:  Meet Addy
    The book is about Addy and her family: Mama, Poppa, Sam, and Esther. Master Stevens sells Poppa and Sam. Then Addy and Mama run away to Philadelphia. Esther, Addy’s one-year old sister, stays on the plantation with Aunti Lula and Uncle Solomon. How will the family get back together? Read the book to find the answer.


    Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down
    Recommended by Frank
    Don’t you always want your mom off your back for goofing around or for playing too many video games? Greg does, too. Learn some tricks from Greg on how to show your mom you are creative. I warn you, though, you might be afraid of the Spineticklers series. Will Greg make his mom happy? Will he stop having nightmares? Read to find out.


    Recommended by Jaden
    When Officer Knight and his pet dog, Greg, cut an explosive bomb, things didn’t go so well. Knight’s head was dying, and Greg’s body was dying. After some surgery, there was a new cop in town, and his name was DOGMAN. Read about his crazy adventures as he fights an evil cat, a giant Philly cheesesteak, and a bunch of hot dogs in this crazy book.


    Flashback Four: The Lincoln Project by Dan Gutman
    Recommended by Riya
    Four kids are going on an adventure of a life time. Luke, David, Julia, and Isabel are sent back in time by Chris Zandergoth, the C.E.O. of the Pasture Company. They are going back in time to take a picture of President Abraham Lincoln at the time when he was giving his famous Gettysburg Address. They can’t do anything to change the past. Do you want to know if they did? Then, read Flashback Four: The Lincoln Project.


    Frankie Magic Soccer Ball:  Frankie vs. The Cowboy Crew
    Recommended by Zachary
    Frankie vs. the Cowboy Crew is an adventurous story. It all started when Frankie’s magic soccer ball opens a portal to the Wild West. After that, they found the referee. Frankie FC went to the saloon, but it was not even close to a saloon. It was a candy saloon. When that was over, Louise got arrested by the sheriff. Then, the Cowboy Crew showed up. Once they appeared, they put Frankie, Charlie, Max (the dog), and the sheriff. They went to rob a train but got stopped by FFC (Frankie Futbol Club), and the match began. Will Frankie FC be able to win and return home, or will they be stuck in the Wild West?


    Recommended by Natalie
    Catrina and her family are moving to the coast of Bahia de la Luna in Northern California due to her sister Maya’s sickness. Cat doesn’t like the new home and the area she is living in presently. As the girls wandered around town, they met a boy. He told them that ghosts lived around town. Maya was hoping to see one while Cat wanted nothing to do with them. Then a terrible accident happens with the ghosts that make Maya’s sickness get worse. Now Cat is scared of ghosts and does not want to see another one again. As the year goes by, ghosts are seen more often because they want to see their loved ones. On Halloween night, there is a party for the ghosts at midnight, and everyone in town is invited. Cat has a decision to either hide from the ghosts or to face her fears for her sister’s sake… and her own! She decides to face her fear and go to the party. The party was great, and she got over her fears. When Cat got home, she and her sister had a yummy surprise.


    Greek Gods
    The book, Greek Gods, was fun and interesting. It helps you know more Greek mythology. It names all 12 Olympians and many different stories.


    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling
    Recommended by Maddie
    In the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter is in the Triwizard tournament. This tournament is very deadly, involving fighting a dragon, going into a deadly lake, and entering a deadly maze. But Harry see his archenemy and the man who killed his parents, Volde-He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. In this battle, he sees unexpected things.


    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling
    Recommended by J.D.
    When 11-year-old Harry Potter’s parents die, he is given to his aunt and uncle, the Dursleys. But the Dursleys don’t treat him like their nephew, they treat him like a slave. Then, a giant comes and gives him an invitation to “Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.” There he is taught how to use magic in self-defense, dueling, cleaning, and more. But when an evil wizard is attacking Hogwarts looking for the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry needs to stop him with his fellow students. Harry, Ron, and Hermione need to solve different kinds of puzzles using a skill they each have. Can they stop the wizard, or will he succeed in getting the Sorcerer’s Stone?


    Heartland, Coming Home
    Recommended by Juliette
    Heartland is a place where horses can find their trust back in humans. Amy is a fifteen-year-old girl who loves, listens to, and understands horses, a gift she inherited from her mother, Marion. In fact, she is almost as talented as her. Once-abused horses now thrive under the care and understanding of Marion. But when a horrible accident happens to Marion, will Amy have the courage to bring to light her gift and help the horses at Heartland?


    I Survived: The Battle of Gettysburg, 1863
    Recommended by Toby
    The year is 1863, and Thomas and his sister, Birdie, have run from the farm where they lived as slaves. Later that day, Thomas and Birdie saved a Union soldier named Henry from some Confederate soldiers. Henry took them to his regiment where they are safe for now. Does Thomas have what it takes to survive the Battle of Gettysburg? Read the book to find out.


    I Survived: The Battle of Gettysburg, 1863
    Recommended by Alyssa
    It is the middle of 1863. Thomas and his sister, Birdie, were born and raised as slaves on a farm. They search for freedom, and suddenly they accidentally meet a Union soldier. Now, they are marching up north with the army. The men were called to battle in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.


    January Conspiracy 365
    Recommended by Andrew
    This is a book about a boy who is sad about his feather’s mystery death. He is hated by the world and is trying to figure out his father’s puzzle. Not only is he trying to figure the riddle, so are multiple groups. People are trying to kill him, and the police are searching for him because he is being accused of something. Read January Conspiracy 365 to find out more.


    Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark by Ridley Pearson
    Recommended by Myanelle
    Have you ever wondered what would happen if you just go to sleep and wake up to be in the middle of a crazy battle between good and evil? Well, in Kingdom Keepers: Disney After Dark, five teenagers actually experienced it. Is it a dream? Is it reality? If it is a dream, then a better name is a nightmare. These kids must work together to stop the evil villains from ruining the magical parks and turning them evil. This book Is a real page-turner. I hope you read this great book and the rest of the series.


    Lea Dives In by Lisa Yee
    Recommended by Sophia
    Lea is ready to go on a family trip to Brazil. She is excited to see her brother Zac in Brazil where he’s studying about the rainforest. Lea has never seen an ocean and always wanted to, but her fear of swimming gets in her way. Lea quickly decides to take photos instead. She decided to bring her grandma’s travel journals. Lea realized strange things happening with her and Zac. During a hike, danger comes unexpectedly! With the help of some inspiration from her new friend, her grandma’s journals, and her bracelet for courage, Lea has a chance to prove she is as brave and mature as Zac.


    Lions at Lunchtime by Mary Pope Osborne
    Recommended by Daniel
    Jack and Annie go on an adventure to Africa. Their mission is to find something yellow and sweet. Along the way, they run into danger and even an African warrior. Just when they were almost to the treehouse, they meet up with the lions. Find out how Jack and Annie make it through Africa in this exciting story!


    Magic Tree House #21 – Civil War on Sunday by Mary Pope Osborne
    Recommended by Kaden
    Boom! Take cover! Imagine being in the middle of the battlefield as Union and Confederate soldiers fire muskets and cannons at each other during the American Civil War. Jack and Annie find themselves on another mission. This one is a bit sad as they help brave wounded soldiers and runaway slaves. They also learn important lessons from nurse Clara Barton about how to comfort people who are sad and give encouragement. Will her list help Jack and Annie complete their mission? Find out in Magic Tree House #21 – Civil War on Sunday.


    Recommended by Isabella
    Morgan Crow is cursed! Morgan Crow was born on Eventide, the worst day for any child to be born. When a child is born on Eventide, that means that they will be cursed, and on their 11th birthday, they will die. On Morgan's 11th birthday, five minutes before midnight, a mysterious man named Jupiter North comes looking for Morgan and takes her to a magical, mysterious world called NeverMoor.


    A Series of Unfortunate Events
    The Baudelaire children were having a great life until one day their parents perished in a terrible fire, destroying their home and belongings. The Baudelaires went to go live with Count Olaf as their new guardian. It turns out that count Olaf is a villain trying to steal their fortune. What will happen next? You will have to read the book to find out.


    Smile by Raina Telgemeier
    Recommended by Megan
    Sixth grader Raina is happy with her normal life, but after Girl Scouts one night, everything changed. Raina fell and knocked out her two front teeth. This is when all her problems begin! Raina will deal with surgery, braces, retainers, and fake teeth, along with the everyday struggles of friendship. Read the book, Smile, to find out how Raina handles her worries over the year until she can finally begin to smile again.


    Smile by Raina Telgemeier
    Raina is 11 years old and in the 6th grade. While running from Girl Scouts one day, Raina falls and knocks out her two front teeth. It’s bad enough to be in the 6th grade, but to have your two front teeth missing? Yikes! Follow Raina through her 6th grade journey where she will deal with all the things a typical 6th grader has to endure, with a lot of dental work thrown in! Will Raina ever get her teeth fixed? Will she survive the 6th grade? You will have to “Smile”, read on, and find out!


    The Best Friend Battle by Lindsay Eyre
    Recommended by Liana
    Sylvie and Miranda have been best friends forever. With Miranda’s birthday coming up and jealousy getting in the way, how will their friendship remain? Will their friendship stand the test of lies and theft? Also, what do princess castles, Josh, Georgie, and a missing ferret have to do with their friendship? To find out, open the pages of The Best Friend Battle.


    The Brightest Night
    Recommended by Joshua
    The Brightest Night was an awesome book! It is about a dragon named Sunny. Sunny is always tired of being treated like a baby, but when she is captured, she must step up and try to escape.


    The Magician’s Elephant by Kate DiCamillo
    Recommended by Danielle
    An orphan named Peter Augustus Duchene had to know this. He didn’t care if finding out the truth stopped him from being a soldier. He had to ask the fortune teller if his sister is still alive and how can he find her. Peter doesn’t believe his guardian, Vilna Lutz, after the fortuneteller’s answer, “Follow the elephant.”


    The Salem Witch Trials by Joan Holub
    Recommended by Evie
    Something mysterious was going around the town of Salem, MA in the year 1692. This started when two girls Betty P. and Abigail W. began having fits. After, other local girls claimed they were seeing and being pricked by pins and needles from “witches.” The residents of Salem came to only one conclusion…witchcraft! Are there really witches, or are the girls faking everything? Read the book, The Salem Witch Trials, to find out.


    The Silver Eyes by Scott Cawthon
    Recommended by Gustavo
    This is a book about the horror game, Five Nights at Freddy’s. The main character is, Charlie, whose father owns the restaurant. Charlies accidently bumps into the Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Place. The pizzeria was locked up and abandoned for years. Charlie and her friends realize things aren’t the same as it used to be. The four adult-sized animatronic mascots that used to entertain people have changed. Now they have a dark secret. This book is a cool mystery/adventure/fantasy/action book. Beware! It might be creepy and scary. Tell me if you like this book.


    Tonight on The Titanic
    Recommended by Vanessa
    Jack and Annie are so scared. They don’t know what to do. No one believes them. They’re going to drown. They are trapped. They thought it was an unsinkable ship. You have to read the book to find out.


    Trials of Apollo Book 3:  The Burning Maze by Rick Riordan
    Recommended by Bobby
    In this third book of the Trials of Apollo series, Apollo, the god of prophecies, who was previously turned into a mortal by Zeus (Book 1), is tasked with finding Heriophile, the oracle. Heriophile is an oracle that speaks with a missing word that the listener must figure out. Apollo goes on this mission with his master, a demigod named Meg, and Grover who is a satyr. He must free Heriophile from Medea, an evil sorceress. Will he succeed? Read this book to find out!


    Wish by Barbara O’Connor
    Recommended by Gianna
    Charlie Reese has moved in with family she barely knows. A few weeks passed, and Charlie still hasn’t gotten over the fact that she had to move schools, move in with new family, and that her wish that she has been wishing since she was in 4th grade. Charlie Reese has every way to make a wish, whether it is wished at 11:11, blowing on a dandelion, or wishing on a shooting star. On the way, Charlie meets a stray dog named Wishbone and become friends with a nice boy who lives around the corner named, Howard. Read more of Wish by Barbara O’Connor to learn more secrets and how Charlie realized that her far-away family loves her very much!


    Wonder by Barbara O’Connor
    Recommended by Cloe
    Ten-year-old August Pullman was homeschooled and wants to go to a normal school now. He makes friends with Jack Will and Summer, but can he handle 5th grade with the bully, Julian? What will he do when Jack Will turns on him and talks bad about Auggie to Julian? Read the book, Wonder, to find out!


    Wonder by Barbara O’Connor
    Wonder is an amazing book with the main character being August Pullman. He is sweet, thoughtful, and nice. He meets a lot of friends but has never been to school. Read this book to find out more.


    Wonder by Barbara O’Connor
    Recommended by Gisel
    Wonder is a very funny, sad, and most of all heart-warming book about a boy named August. Its theme or message is not about a person’s outside, but his inside. August or for short, Auggie, is a boy who has a facial disorder, Treacher Collins syndrome. All his life he has been homeschooled by his mom. Then in the summer of 5th grade, his parents forced him to go to school at Beacher Prep. There, people made fun of him and laughed at him because of his face. This was only one problem out of many that Auggie had to go through during his 6th grade school year. Auggie saw lots of bullies at Beacher Prep, but he also met people who became his friends like Summer, Charlotte, and Jack. They helped him through the school year and stood up for Auggie against bullies like Julian. Wonder is one of the New York Times bestsellers, and it also became a major motion picture. I promise you that if you read this book you will want to read it over and over.