• Las Tareas

    A message about homework

    Homework is an essential part of the learning process because it helps you to form permanent memories of what was taught in class.

    1. Remember to include your name, last name, due date, and class, in each assignment.

    2. Write in Spanish. This is the subject of the course. Do not use translators. It is obvious when you do (because they aren't very good) and the quality of your homework suffers when you do so.

    3. If you were absent, or you need a new copy of your homework, you can find it on my Website.

    4. If you need extra help with the theme of the day or your homework you can come to my office before school, at 7:30 AM or after school, before 3:00 PM.

    5. Please, keep your homework in your Spanish folder (which you should have with you every class) because we will use it as a part of the material to study and review.