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     * Important Update Information: 


    Starting Monday, April 20, the third grade will switch to using Google Classroom for its work and assignments. This will allow us to communicate more regularly and allow us to share work. We did this before Easter but now will increase the use of the Google platform. You may check Blackboard and the class websites for 3A and 3B, or you may go right to Google Classroom and skip this step. Here's how we are changing things:

    • Every morning, Monday through Friday, Ms. Crimmel and Miss Allegro will each post on their Google Classrooms lessons and work for the students to complete. Some of the work will be in books the students brought home but some will need to be done online.
    • Additionally, both teachers will be online from 9AM until 12 Noon each day Monday through Friday. If students or parents have questions, they may email the teachers. Teachers will return emails as quickly as possible. After 12 Noon teachers will continue to check emails but it may take a while longer for a response.
    • Each day, students should also check the website of the specials teacher that they would have visited that day to see if there is an assignment for that class.
    • We will be using more of the Google enhancements available to us. Be patient as we learn to use them together.   


    Important emails to have this week: Library Gym computers Music Spanish -Art 


    * Students and Parents,

        Please make sure your child  is  checking their daily Specials teachers webpages for Remote learning. For example: Monday is Art . Check the webpage for Mrs. Chabra. 


    *Important Message for those students who see from Mrs. Zehnbauer

    For those parents of students who are receiving speech and language services, please check your email inbox for a message from Mrs. Zehnbauer .  She plans to send  activities  for your children to practice at home on a weekly basis.  If you have not received an email from Mrs. “Z', please feel free to contact her at  



    Daily Reading: 

    Daily reading improves all literacy skills, which includes fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and word recognition. It also helps students become stronger readers. Therefore, I strongly encourage reading with your child for 15-25 minutes per night.  20 minutes per day equals 100 minutes per week. 100 minutes per week for the month will equal 400 minutes. 400 minutes per month. 


     Remote Learning Assignments for June 1-5




                                             Welcome June!!! Please google classroom for morning annoucements! 

     * Important announcement!!  Monday, June 8 is "Pick- Up Day"  for your child's belongings left in school. Your child's items are wrapped in a plastic bag with there name on it. Please check the Wednesday Envelope for details on your schedule time and procedures. Thanks!                            


         Make sure you are checking in DAILY with your Specials Teachers webpages and assignments they have posted for you!   If you can not open the files or having difficulty  contact me through email. I will contact one of our awesome tech teachers to help.  I am available to answer questions 9-1pm. After 1:00pm throughout the day when checking in with my emails. Happy Learning! 




     Important update


    3A-  Art  
    3B- Gym





    3A & 3B-  Check out Mrs. Lanzalotto's website for ways to read e-books. There are so many good reads to choose from.   

     *Also, everyone should have received a invite to Epic through parent email. Epic is an online e-book reading resources. There are hunderds of books to choose from and you can take AR quizzes with them. Have your parents accept the invite and you are in! If your parent did not recieve an invite email me (3A students) or Miss Allegro (3B students) and we will help you! Have fun reading!! 







    * Please keep me posted if you made AR Goal!






     Religion assignment is posted in google classroom.  


    Mon- New Chapter 12 We Pray for All people- A Man of Prayer

    Tues- Mary an Example of Faith

    Wed-  Chapter Review

    Thurs- Chapter 12 Test 

    Fri- TBA




    A. Reading 3A & 3B

     Mon-  Last day of The Albertosaurus Mystery 

    Tues- Wed Tall Tales Unit

    Thurs- Fri Sarah, Plain and Tall movie with compare and contrast assignment.


      Assignments will be posted in google classroom! 


    Read for 30 minutes independently with your AR Book. Read at least 30 minutes to an hour! Take a quiz! Use EPIC!




    ELA 3A & 3B/Writing 3A & 3B 

    Mon - Tues Exploring Comparing/Superlative Adjectives! 

    Wed + Fri- Journal Writing!















     * Important announcement!!  Monday, June 8 is "Pick- Up Day"  for your child's belongings left in school. Your child's items are wrapped in a plastic bag with there name on it. Please check the Wednesday Envelope for details on your schedule time and procedures. Thanks! 



     Parents, Please check your child's  AR  progress on homeconnect. This is to ensure that your child is on track to reaching AR goals. Also, please continue to encourage your child to read 20 per night as this helps to increae their growth in reading! Thank you !



     The Scholastic Publishing Company has designed some terrific at-home learning modules for this particular time.  Visit  to find most appropriate materials for all grade levels.


     Food Bank - We collect food for the Franklin Food Bank each week in the third grade. Things needed are: pasta, sauce, cereal, rice, tuna fish, soup, canned vegetables, canned fruit, peanut butter and jelly. Please No glass containers.  Any extra items such as boxed mashed potatoes, stuffing mix, baby food or toiletries would be welcome. Thanks!



    The students were given a link to log onto the Reader's text Journey series . The link info is User ID- Reading3 password- miller. If your child forgets their reading materials for homework they now have access to the books.








                                                        Reached AR. Goals: 17               

                                                    AR Goals To Go : 20 students   


                                                We are "Lighting it Up"  with AR Goals 3A & 3B

                                              Emma E.,  Eashan K., Brayden N., Danielle C. 

                                                                    Timothy Gu., Nathaniel P., Charlotte M., Natalie K., Patrick K.

                             Maren W.,  Amelia K., Alyanna B., Ella S., Alexander B., Katharine B.,

                                                   Michael A, Emma A., Layla V., Nicole G., Eva C., Reuben C., Annabelle L. 

                        Lena D., Zacari M.,







                                                                                          birthday  Celebrating June/July Birthdays!!           

                                                                                                                Timothy Grey- June 15     Amelia K.- July 14

                                                                                                                     Reuben- July 24