Accelerated Reading








    We have been working hard to get the ACERS PROGRAM IN GEAR FOR THE CHILDREN! BLESSINGS UPON MRS. LANZALOTTO who will be testing them in the new school year and again in January and June.

    The present level testing will provide a great deal of information to support our efforts to impact reading proficiency.

    The children will visit the Library on Thursdays and will  be invited to choose books within their range. The children are free to choose books in the library, but they should only be testing on books within their recommended reading range. The range (ZPD, Zone of Proximal Development) identifies books at the right level to provide optimal reading challenge without frustration.

    We are looking for ways that both we and you can use Accelerated Reader and the Destiny Program to enhance the children's reading.  We are all learning, and there is a lot to be excited about.

    The books in the classroom library listed among the ACer titles are leveled as well.

    We will spent time with the children focusing on the ACers reading world.   When reading with the children at home focus on their reading level ranges using that information to choose books to read more wisely.


    We will again explore our Library Program - Destiny.  It can be accessed at home from the school website. Our library books are leveled and there is lots of general info available about many books.  Please check it out if you are not familiar with how it works.

    We will be testing regularly.  The children we hope will be excited to continue reading in this way. Knowing that they are reading books geared to their abilities should be encouraging.


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