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     Welcome back to the 2020-2021 school year!  On this website, I will be posting upcoming tests, events, and middle school news.  All other daily assignments and homework will be posted in google classroom. 


    I am looking forward to a very positive and fun year! Any questions, please email me:


    -Mrs. Mary Lynch




    Upcoming Events:

    (Highlighted in Red are Great Academic Opportunities For ALL Students)


    E-Book Fair Information:  The Follett Book Fair is running from: 10/25/2020-11/8/2020 

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    Mr. J's Retirement Information:

    Dear SMS Parents -


    The last few months have brought both uncertainty and much change to our lives.  This change has come in many forms which has affected both our home lives as well as our school life.  We are one BIG family here at Saint Matthias School which is why it was so very hard to say goodbye to some of our faculty that we shared so many years with.  COVID-19 reminds us all daily how important family is, and there is one particular SMS teacher who I know we could ALL say is family to us.   Mr. Johnson, our beloved gym teacher, has been at Saint Matthias School for over 35 years.  He has worked tirelessly to teach our children how important physical education is and made them look forward to it each and every week.   He took such pride in his position as Saint Matthias School Physical Education teacher and it showed in every gym class he held.  From each and every morning getting our children safely off the buses and out of their cars into the classrooms, to the Athletic Bowls and Field Days that he looked so forward to every year, Mr. J was a true “Saint Matthias School Staple”.  He was the teacher, the coach, the dad, the grandpa and the friend to everyone he met.  We can all say that he touched every one of our lives in a way we will never forget.  From the number of parents that are alumni and had Mr. J as their teacher, to the parents that only met Mr. J when their child enrolled at SMS, one thing is the same, he Is loved by all.  

    Unfortunately, we can not give Mr. Johnson the grand celebration he so justly deserves.  We want to let Mr. J. know how much we miss him, how we are thinking of him and most of all, how very much we appreciated him.  We are asking each family to send in a donation toward a gift for Mr. J.  There is no specific amount required, whatever you would like to give.  Due to COVID-19,we can not accept cash at this time.  We would like to have all money collected by October 30th.  You can VENMO to Rachel Scott - @rachel-Scott1172 or Colleen Eriksen - @Colleen-Eriksen-1.   We will inform everyone when the gift will be presented.


    Thank you

    Rachel Scott

    Coleen Eriksen