Birthday Celebrations

  • Birthday Celebrations in Pre-K!

    If your child would like to celebrate their birthday in Pre-K you may send in a small snack for snack time. Some suggestions are mini-cupcakes, cookies, chips, or ice cream cups. Any food item sent in must be from a food store with the food ingredients listed on a label. It must also be in individual serving sizes to easily give to the children. Don't forget to send in spoons if necessary. Also, please send in 24 items for the class for any celebrations.

    You can also send in plates or napkins or juice boxes/water, but they are not necessary.

    Parents may join the celebration at 12:30 and we finish up around 1:00 pm for rest time. The parent has the option of taking their child home after the celebration or letting them stay for the remainder of the day.


    ** If your child has a food allergy, please send in a box of snacks to use at other celebrations during the school year so they do not feel left out.


    Please send us an e-mail a few days prior so we can plan for the day.

Birthday Celebrations