Math 4-B


     Homework 4-B

    March 23,  2020



    Dear Parents:

    First, I hope all of you are healthy, happy and safe.  Your children’s safety and good health has always been utmost on my mind.  Now speaking of their mind, I am going to attempt to move on with math.  I will be recommending videos that correspond with my lessons.  Not all Youtube videos are good ones so please be careful when choosing. Each day, when your children look on Google Classroom, I will have the appropriate video to watch.

    I am going to be moving on with the chapters in math.  Please do not jump ahead.  The reasoning for this is that all math builds upon a clear foundation of understanding and implementation.  These fundamental foundations and their understanding are critical to moving on to the more complex areas of mathematics.

    “Area and perimeter are two important and fundamental parts of mathematics.  The unit and topics of area and perimeter are important to mathematics because they are the physical aspects of mathematics.  They are the foundation for understanding other aspects of geometry such as volume and mathematical theorems that help us understand algebra, trigonometry, and calculus.

    Since math builds upon itself, it is important for students to learn about area and perimeter.  Learning about area and perimeter will give the students a chance to use math that real people need and use outside of school.  Many careers like architecture, aeronautical and graphics design, engineering, the coast guard, and many others include the use of area and perimeter on a regular basis.  With some of these careers (like aeronautical design and the coast guard), it is crucial to know and understand the importance of these topics.  These topics will also be important for them to understand one day when they need to remodel, buy, or build a new home because they will want to get the maximum use of their house.

    Once students understand the importance of area and perimeter and that it is useful outside of the classroom in so many places, they will be more willing to learn about them.  It is also important for teachers to come up with creative activities to capture students’ interests.”  Source: Connected Mathematics 

    Monday: Textbook pp. 825-830 Objective: Find the perimeter of a figure

    Tuesday: Textbook pp. 831-836 Objective: Solve simpler problem to solve problems.

    Wednesday: pp. 839-844 Objective: Explore the area of a figure.

    Thursday: Textbook pp, 845-850 Find the area of rectangles and squares.

    Friday: pp. 851-856 Relate area to perimeter.

    Please look to Google Classroom each day for formulas and work.



    Review what is learned each day. 

    PRACTICE YOUR MULTIPLICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   All students must be proficient!