Current Events

  • Current Events

    As fourth graders, we will research and report on current events. Choose an online or paper news source and find an article that appeals to you. Cut out or print off the article. The article can be from the local, state, national, or world news. Please do not report on entertainment-related news. Articles should be at least 3 to 4 paragraphs long and have enough content so that you can summarize the article and add your own thoughtful opinion.

    Read the article to make sure you understand what it is conveying. Take time to talk about the topic with a family member as this is a good way to deepen comprehension.

    For the first few months, you will receive a Current Events form on which to share your article. Make sure the form is filled out completely and that you write in complete sentences. Be sure to staple your article to the back of the form. Be ready to speak intelligently about your current event if called upon.

    After we get a little practice with current events, we will move away from the form. You will then be required to write a complete and comprehensive paragraph about a relevant article as well as an opinion paragraph. I will give you all the directions for that at a later time.

    All current events will count as a Social Studies assessment so please be sure to follow directions and do your best work. Below are some examples of online news sources. Please have parental supervision when using the internet.