Birthday Celebrations


    Birthday Celebrations
    UPDATE for 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR - Our birthday celebrations this year will be different this year due to the Covid virus. Please check back here shortly for updated birthday information.

    It is important to celebrate our children and make them feel loved and special, especially during these recent times of isolation.  Birthday celebrations will look very different this year as we are not permitted to have little parties or treats until further notice. If you would like us to celebrate your child’s birthday in class, please let us know via email your preferred celebration date. If your child has a summer birthday, then please select a date in May or June to celebrate.  Unless birthday party invitations are being given to all students, they must be mailed out from home.  Here are the ways in which we will celebrate.  They are all optional...

    • Birthdays will be posted and announced in advance. On his/her special day, the birthday child may bring in one small to medium-sized gift bag. The bag will be set up in the corner of the room. Fellow classmates will be able to drop their homemade or store bought birthday cards into the bag during the celebration part of the day. The bag will go home with the child at the end of the day. It will be up to the parent whether they choose to “quarantine” the bag for a few days or not.  Students can also call or email their friends later in the day.
    • The birthday child may DRESS DOWN on his/her special day.
    • We will sing Happy Birthday as a class.
    • Parents may include a special snack in their child’s lunch box on the special day.
    • Parent and child may send a link to one of the child’s favorite songs. We will play the song in class and sing along and “chair dance.”   Songs must be CLEAN and APPROPRIATE. Note that the teachers will have no way of previewing every song, so this must be the parent’s job.
    • Without their child’s knowledge, parents may send in some type of family photo wishing their child a happy birthday. The teacher can display the photo during our celebration time.
    • With preplanning, parents can send a link of themselves reading one of their child’s favorite SHORT stories.
    • The child will get to read aloud a “Poem of the Day.”
    • Teacher will surprise the student by gently throwing a little confetti over child’s desk space on his special day.
    Prior to the Pandemic  (Please disregard this section for now):  Every child's birthday is special. If your child would like to celebrate his or her birthday in class, kindly let the teacher know which day you would like to celebrate. Students may then bring a birthday treat to school on the given day, or parents may drop off the treats at the office. As per Diocesan policy, all treats must have an ingredients label. Therefore, homemade goodies are not permitted. Dunkin Donuts are not permitted because the packaging does not contain an ingredients label. Examples of birthday treats might include cupcakes, precut brownies, cookies, or individual packages of chips or pretzels to name a few. Napkins are greatly appreciated, but please do not send in drinks or goodie bags.  If the special snack requires spoons or forks, please send those in as well.  The school would eventually like to move away from food treats, so please feel free to send in a non-food treat instead if that is your choice. Examples of non-food treats might be pencils, cool erasers, stickers, etc.

    Summer Birthdays  -  If your child has a summer birthday, then feel free to pick a day in May or June to celebrate.

    Food Allergies  -  If your child has food allergies, they should not partake of treats that did not come from their own home. Many parents of children with food allergies choose to send in a container of small, special treats to the teacher to store for special occasions such as birthday celebrations, class parties, etc. The food item should be prepackaged and then placed in a container (plastic shoebox with lid) with the child's name clearly labeled on it. The teacher will give the special snack to the student during celebration/party days. When the special snack is running low, the teacher will send the container home for a refill.

    Sharing  -  Kids love to share, and that is a wonderful thing... except when it comes to food allergies. Please speak with your child about how important it is NOT to share food because of potential food allergies. Students with food allergies should also be instructed not to accept food offered by others as they may not know the ingredients.