If your child has allergies, please send me a note or email on the first day of school so that I am aware of the situation. Also, please let me know if your child is completely aware of foods he/she can and can't eat. I have found that some children are really good about knowing their limitations, and others aren't. Additionally, be sure to contact the school nurse with anything she may need to know.

    If your child has food allergies, please read the "Birthday" and "Snack" section of this web site. If after reading those sections, you would like to contact me with regard to snack time, lunch time, birthday treats, classroom parties, etc., then please do so. Please note that your child should really only be eating food that has come from home. 

    Additionally, I need to know if your child has a peanut allergy and needs to sit at the head of the lunch room table near the aides. You should let me know if your child's allery is airborne-related or not.

    Many parents of children with food allergies choose to send in special treats to the teacher to store for special occasions such as birthday celebrations, class parties, etc. The food item should be prepackaged and then placed in a container (plastic shoebox with lid) with the child's name clearly labeled on it. The teacher will give the special snack to the student during celebrations/party days. When the special snack is running low, the teacher will send the container home for a refill. (Please note that due to the pandemic, food treats from birthday parties and other celebrations have been halted.)

    Again, please let me know all the important information about your child's food allergies and other relevant medical concerns and how they should be handled. Thank you.