Grading System

  •  Grading System

    A+  = 97-100
    A  =  93-96
    B+  =  89-92
    B  =  85-88
    C+  =  80-84
    C  =  75-79
    D  =  70-74
    F  =  69 and below
    I  =  Incomplete
    X  =  Indicates an area in need of improvement
    +  =  Indicates exemplary performance
    NOTE:  Remember to check PowerSchool often to monitor your child's progress. To get current information, you have to actually log in to PowerSchool. I think that I am timely with regard to inputting grades into PowerSchool. If your child has a "late" or "missing" assignment, I will try to put that notation into PowerSchool as a placeholder. When the work is turned in, I will then input the appropriate grade. I would ask that you hold onto all papers that count as a PowerSchool grade until you actually see the grade in PowerSchool.  I consider myself to be timely and organized, but mistakes can happen from time to time and that is why I ask you to hang onto any important graded papers until you see the actual grade in PowerSchool. If you are new and do not have a PowerSchool account, please contact the main office for assistance and training.