Lunch Tickets



    NOTE:  Tickets from the previous school year cannot be used for the current school year.



    Lunch ticket program: 

    You may pre-purchase lunch tickets in strips of five.  You can choose either the hot lunch with a small drink for $15 per five tickets or hot lunch with a large drink for $17.50 per five tickets.  You can purchase only 2 strips at a time.  If tickets are lost, they will not be replaced.  Please put your child's name on the back of the ticket just in case.
    Send your check (along with the lunch ticket order form below) to school made out to "St. Matthias School" in an envelope marked "Lunch Ticket Order."  Your lunch tickets will be sent home through your child.  Please check his/her backpack for them.  The pre-purchased lunch tickets can not be used for pizza because of the price difference.  


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