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    Welcome to our 5A Student Page!!!

    One of the jobs in our classroom is: Reporter.  Two students each week will be chosen to report on what happens for that week.  They can write about reminders, class highlights of the week and what is generally happening in 5a.  Under the picture they choose will be a place for students to comment or even answer a question that the Reporters decide on! 

    (Note: All comments are automatically sent to Mrs. Erhart to be approved before it will post to the site).


    Thank you for your hard work and reporting skills!!



  • Many people make New Year’s Resolution, but how many actually keep them throughout the year? A lot of New Year’s Resolutions aren’t even completed because nobody knows what a New Year’s Resolution is. A Resolution is trying to fix something that you don’t like about your life, and they give you a whole year to accomplish, but nobody ever does. So what’s the point; why do people make resolutions and so often fail them? Well it could be a lack of interest after New Year’s or people deciding to give up because it is hard and/or unrealistic. So if you’re deciding to make a resolution, just remember to make it accurate, and necessary to your needs. 

    By Danielle and Katie

Happy New Year!