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    Welcome to our 5A Student Page!!!

    One of the jobs in our classroom is: Reporter.  Two students each week will be chosen to report on what happens for that week.  They can write about reminders, class highlights of the week and what is generally happening in 5a.  Under the picture they choose will be a place for students to comment or even answer a question that the Reporters decide on! 

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    Thank you for your hard work and reporting skills!!



  • 5A is known for being a guinea pig for Mrs. Chabra’s art class. Last week was SMS’ first time making sculptures. Big thanks to Mrs. and Mr. Chabra for going out of their way to buy playdoh and cut bendy straws for 5A. First, 5A mounted their color choice of playdoh on an empty fruit cup as a base. Then, the guinea pigs added colorful bendy straws to their soon-to-be-sculptures. After one week, the sculptures dried… and cracked so the 5a class put on their thinking caps and filled the cracks with glue. The glue dried and the first ever sculptures, made after Dale Chihuly, turned out AWESOME! Here’s a pic of 5A’s best successes!


    -Gianna Mattia (5A’s reporter)

    5A Sculptures


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    Comment here your favorite piece of art that you have made in Art Class:

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