Spelling Pick 3 Details

  • To: Parents and Students of the 5th Grade


    Spelling Pick 3 Contract


    Every Monday, a new list of Spelling words will be given in class.  These words and the pick 3 will be due 4 days later on that Friday (including the challenge words).  This assignment is not to be typed and should be completed in cursive in their spelling notebook.  They need to have 3 points total each week and can mix up the choices (as long as it totals 3 points):

                  1 point: ABC order

                  1 point: 3 times each

                  1 point: sentences

                  2 points: story (using 20-25 words)

                  2 points: definitions

    In the event a student wishes to use a homework pass for spelling, one homework pass=1 point.  Three homework passes would be needed for the entire assignment.  At the end of each marking period, your spelling notebook will be collected and graded, ensuring all spelling work until that point was completed correctly.


    If you would like more spelling work for practicing, www.spellingcity.com has a few great games-just put the words you would like to practice and pick a game!


    Any further questions please let me know!


    Thank you,


    Mrs. Erhart

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    I,                                             , understand what is expected of me for the Spelling Pick 3, due every Friday.  I am also aware of the rules for using a homework pass.


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