School Supplies

  • All textbooks and workbooks will be distributed on the first day of school.  Each student will receive 1 plastic "Home/School" folder, one crayon keeper, one blue Flair pen, and 5 green notebooks.  Please send in the payment for the notebooks & folder on the first day.  The cost for these is $13.25.  Place check (made out to St. Matthias School) or cash in envelope marked "Mrs. Dillon - 1A- Supplies" along with your child's name.  The rest of the items listed below may be purchased at any store or at the SMS school store.  Check the school web site for pricing and information. We do not use pencil cases in class. We use a caddy system at each table.   It's a good idea to buy extra crayons, pencils and glue sticks as these need to be replenished at the end of each marking period.  Also, please write your child's name on all school supplies and clothing, especially gym sweatshirts and sweatpants.

    Supplies for the year:

    5, two pocket folders - Bottom pockets only, no side pockets

    1 box of 10 or 12 yellow #2 pencils

    5 large glue sticks

    1 bottle of school glue

    1 box of crayons (16 or 24) No Twistables, markers or colored pencils

    1 pair of child safe scissors


    Students should have four, 2 pocket folders.  Feel free to replace these throughout the year as they start to wear out.  If you cover them in clear contact, they will last longer.

    H Folder: This is the Home folder.  This folder will go home everyday and should be brought back to school every morning.  Parents should check and empty the folder every day for school mail, student work, and other important papers.  Parents will also use the H folder to send ALL correspondence that needs to go to the teacher or the office.  Students should also keep their lunch money in this folder.  Lunch money (or lunch ticket) should be in a flat zippered pencil case or change purse with the child's name, grade and what they are buying clearly written on/in it.   Lunch tickets should have the child's name and 1A written on the back.

    C Folder: This is the Classwork folder.  This folder will stay in school and will only go home at the end of the year.  We will use this folder to store any classwork that we are working on.

    Spanish & Music Folder: These folders will be used to store papers for Spanish and Music class.

    Green Notebooks

    The students notebooks are labeled and used as follows:

    H Notebook: This is the Homework notebook.  Students will receive time every morning to copy down the day's homework.    Students will take the H notebook home everyday and bring it back every morning.  Parents should check the H notebook daily for homework assignments.  A clip will be placed on the current page in this notebook.  This will help the child to find the right page to write on.  Please leave the clip on the page at all times.  If you find it missing, feel free to replace it with a clip of your own.

    ELA Notebook:
    We will use this notebook for ELA (English Language Arts) work.

    Writing Notebook:
    This notebook is for journaling.  

    Spanish Notebook: This notebook will be used in Spanish class.

    Science Notebook:  This notebook will be used in Science class.

    Notebook Replacements: The teacher will give the student a new notebook if the previous one has been lost or used up.  A note will be sent to the parents asking them to remit $2 for the cost of the new book.