Curriculum for K to 8th

  • Physical Education Curriculum: Kindergarten To 8th Grade

    I. Kindergarten:

    Students will work with simple lead up games that teach them teamwork, Listening skills, and Gross motor skills.Some of these activities are; Musical Dots, Hot Potato, Scooter races and Motor skill relay activities.Overhand and Underhand throwing patterns are taught and developed in task relay races and games.Some of these Throwing activities are; Pin Bombardment, Crossfire, Bounce Dodgeball, and Clean Up Your back yard game. Traditional Sport Game rules and  Basic skills are taught as a foundation to build on each year. These sports are; Crab Soccer, Sideline Soccer, No step Soccer, Pillow polo,  Basketball shooting skills, Parachute activities, simple Step Aerobics and Agility activities will also help students improve their Fitness levels. Teamwork Skills will also be taught for Cooperative learning activities such as; Parachute activities, Big Foot Relays, Buddy Scooter races, Frog Soup relay and throwing relays.

    II. 1st and 2nd Grade:

    Students will continue to develop Basic Skills and Game concepts , building on our Kindergarten Curriculum. Students will continue to work on throwing and catching skills with progressively higher skills ; Scooter Handball, Full Field and Sideline Soccer,Pillow Polo, No Step Basketball, Dribble War, Kickball and Volleyball games. Step aerobics, Agility runs, Funky Feet relays and Scooter relays.Introduction to The Shuttle Run and Long Jump activities will also taught.These activities will be added to the activities taught in Kindergarten.

    III. 3rd and 4th Grade:

    Games and activities for the year are; Soccer, Sideline Soccer, Scooter Football, Football Passing activities, European Handball, Simple Ultimate Frisbee lead-up games, Scooter Soccer,Pillow Polo,  Basketball , Dribble War, Dribble Gauntlet, Scooter Basketball, Scooter Hockey, Mat Ball, Pin Bombardment, Wiffleball, Kickball and Volleyball games. Fitness will be improved with Step Aerobics, Agility Ladder activities, Medicine Ball activities, Jump Rope and 3 pound hand weight training activities. Fitness tests will be given to help students see were they need to improve, as compared to their peers; Shuttle Run, Standing Long Jump and the 50 Yard run. Cooperative learning activities will also be taught to improve teamwork skills; Parachute Golf, Buddy Walkers, Team Walkers, and Clean up tour back yard games. A Third Grade two mile Fitness walk will be done as part of a Cross Curriculum activity for Fitness and Healthy Eating .

    IV. 5th and 6th grade:

    5th and 6th graders have 1 hour Physical Education classes, so many new activities are added to the curriculum, with progressively higher skills needed to be developed. Golf Putting skills,Touch Football skills and games,Scooter Football,Soccer, Scooter Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Scooter Frisbee, European Handball, Scooter Handball, Pillow Polo, Basketball, Scooter Basketball, Dribble War, Dribble Gauntlet,A Foul Shooting Skills test, Broom Ball,  Floor Hockey, Scooter Hockey, Mat Ball, Wiffleball, Kickball and Volleyball activities will be done this year.A  Physical Conditioning  unit will be done to improve students strength and Fitness levels.A Jump Rope Challenge will be done once a month. Step Aerobics, Jump Rope, Agility Ladder jumps, Medicine ball work, Power band activities, Jogging, Bench Press and Hand weight Training will be done in this fitness unit. Fitness Testing will be done for the Shuttle Run, Jump Rope Challenge and Standing Long Jump. Track & Field events will be done for the Shot Put and 100 Yard Run.Wiffle Ball, Volleyball and Handball games will be taught. Cooperative learning activities to teach Critical Thinking and Teamwork will also be added this year;Buddy Walker Relays, " Pipeline" and "Treacherous Transfer"  will also be done.

    V. 7th & 8th Grade:

    The Jr. High activities are:  Golf  Putting relays, ARCHERY, Touch & Flag Football, Scooter Football, Soccer, Scooter Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Scooter Frisbee, European Handball, Scooter Handball, Pillow Polo, Basketball, Scooter Basketball, Foul Shooting Skills Test, Dribble War, Dribble Gauntlet,Broom Ball, Floor Hockey, Scooter Hockey, Mat Ball, Wiffleball, Kickball, Kickball Basketball, Handball and Volleyball . A Physical Conditioning unit will be done to improve students strength and fitness levels: A once a month Jump Rope Challenge, Step Aerobics, Jogging, Agility Ladder Jumps, Medicine Ball activities, Power band activities, Bench Press and hand weight Training activities will be done. Fitness testing will be done for the Shuttle Run and Standing Long Jump. Track & Field events will include; Shot Put and 100 Yard Run. Cooperative learning activities to develop Critical Thinking skills will be added this year; Crossing the pond, Hula Hoop relay passing, Buddy Walker Relays, " Pipeline" and " Treacherous Transfer" will be done.