Spelling Words

  • Spelling Words for the Year

    On this page, you will find the weekly spelling words. The current spelling words will be in blue below.



    What is a Pal?

    at, mat, sat, am, man, dad, and, be, the, of



    The Storm

    if, is, him, rip, fit, pin, for, what, have, look



    Curious George at School

    log, hot, dot, lot, ox, top, find, funny, sing, they



    Lucia's Neighborhood

    yet, wet, pen, hen, web, leg, all, does, here, who



    Gus Takes the Train

    up, bug, hug, mud, nut, tub, friend, full, good, pull



    Jack and The Wolf  

    an, can, ran, had, bad, cat, away, call, come, hear



    How Animals Communicate 

    sit, will, six, did, big, animal, how, make, some, why



    A Musical Day

    hop, pop, got, not, fox, now, our, she, today, would



    Dr. Seuss

    yes, ten, let, get, bed, red, draw, read, was, write


    A Cupcake Party

    us, bus, fun, sun, run, but, eat, give, small, take



    At Home in the Ocean 

    that, them, then, this, with, bath, blue, cold, little, water



    How Leopard Got His Spots

    chin, chip, chop, chick, rich, much, been, brown, know, never



    Words with sh and wh

    ship, shop, fish, when, which, whip, fall, down, goes, green



    The Big Race

    came, late, make, gave, brave, shape, four, five, over, three



    Animal Groups

    time, bike, like, white, kite, drive, bird, both, eyes, fly



    Let's Go to the Moon!

    home, hole, rope, joke, poke, bone, stove, around, because, before



    The Big Trip 

    tree, feet, keep, sea, read, eat, mean, these, about, could



    Where Does Food Come From?

    play, way, day, stay, may, grain, rain, pain, sail, mail



    Tomas Rivera

    show, grow, blow, snow, boat, coat, road, toad, great, laugh



    Little Rabbit's Tale 

    bedtime, sunset, bathtub, sailboat, flagpole, backpack, playpen, raincoat, inside, himself



    Frog and Toad Together

    barn, yard, far, bark, jar, card, yarn, story, night, loudly




    Amazing Animals 

    her, fern, bird, girl, third, hurt, turn, baby, eight, follow




    Whistle for Willie

    look, book, hook, good, wood, hood, again, father, together, house




    A Tree is a Plant

    noon, you, soup, moon, blew, new, soil, earth, covers, warms 


    The New Friend 

    ouch, town, now, please, family, school, found, house, how, myself



    the dot

    mix, mixed, hop, hopped, hope, hoping, run, running, teacher, surprised



    What Can You Do?

    hard, harder, hardest, fast, faster, fastest, slow, slower, slowest, sooner, always, different, enough, happy, high, near, once, stories



    Days With Frog and Toad

    my, try, sky, fly, by, dry, pie, cried, night, light, across, ball, cried, head, heard, large, second, should



    Hi! Fly Guy

    sadly, slowly, dusty, tricky, helpful, caught, took, listen, minute, thought



    Mia Hamm, Winners Never Quit!

    even, open, begin, baby, tiger, music, paper, zero, table, below, brothers, everyone, field, loved, most, only, people, sorry