First Grade Curriculum

  •  Classes

    1B's day is filled with learning and excitement. Our classes are:


    • ELA meets daily for 80 minutes. This time consists of:
      • Whole group instruction
      • Small group instruction
      • Spelling and Phonics


    • Math meets daily for 80 minutes. Like ELA, there is whole group and small group instruction 


    • Religion and Writing meet daily for 40 minutes


    • Science and Social Studies meets twice a week for an hour each day. Mrs. Dillon teaches Social Studies.


    • Special Classes- a class meets each day from 1:00-1:40; Library is 12:20-1:00
      • Monday - Gym 
        • Wear your gym uniform and sneakers. Please label gym sweatshirt and sweatpants! If there is a dress down or dress up day on gym day, students do not have to wear their gym uniform.They may dress down; however, sneakers should be worn. If it is a dress up day, then students should dress up, and it is not necessary to wear sneakers.
      • Tuesday - Art
      • Wednesday - Music
      • Thursday - Computers
      • Friday - Library and Spanish




    *God is our Father * We Believe in the Blessed Trinity * Jesus teaches us about love * The church year * Ordinary time * Jesus had many followers * Jesus died and rose to new life * Jesus sends the Holy Spirit * The Holy Spirit helps the church to grow * The church grows * Advent and Christmas * We celebrate the sacraments * The church welcomes new members * We celebrate God's forgiveness * Lent and Easter * We celebrate the Mass * We share God's love * Mary and the Saints*



    *Number concepts * Addition and subtraction concepts * Additon and subtraction strategies to 20 * Place Value * Two-digit addition and subtraction * Organize and use graphs * Measurement and Time *Money (counting coin values) * Two-dimensional shapes and equal shares * Three-dimensional shapes * Word Problems*



    *Reading skills * Oral language * Vocabulary * Comprehension * Speaking * Listening   * Phonics * Media literacy * Spelling * Grammar * Poetry * Narrative, Informative and Persuasive Writing*