Birthday Celebrations

  • cake                    Happy Birthday!

    Every child's birthday is special. If your child would like to celebrate his or her birthday in class, kindly let me know which day you would like to celebrate. Students may then bring a birthday treat to school on the given day, or parents may drop off the treats at the office. As per Diocesan policy, all treats must have an ingredients label. Therefore, homemade goodies are not permitted.  Dunkin Donuts are not permitted because there is no ingredients label on the packaging. Treats that are allowed are mini-cupcakes, precut brownies, cookies. Napkins are greatly appreciated, but please do not send in drinks or goodie bags.  Additionally, the school would eventually like to move away from food treats, so please feel free to send in a non-food treat instead. Examples of non-food treats might be pencils, cool erasers, stickers, etc.


    Summer Birthdays  -  If your child has a summer birthday, then feel free to pick a day in May or June to celebrate.


    FOOD ALLERGIES  -  If your child has food allergies, they should not partake of treats that did not come from their own home. Many parents of children with food allergies choose to send in special treats to store for special occasions such as birthday celebrations, class parties, etc. The food item should be prepackaged and then placed in a container with the child's name clearly labeled on it. I will give the special snack to the student during celebration/party days. When the special snack is running low, I will send the container home for a refill.


    Sharing  -  Little kids love to share, and that is a wonderful thing... except when it comes to food allergies. Please speak with your child about how important it is NOT to share food because of potential food allergies. Students with food allergies should also be instructed not to accept food offered by others as they may not know the ingredients.