Things to Know

  • Please check the value/virtue of the month to know what the students are learning about in our classroom counseling lessons.

    Conversations with students are confidential. I share what I am given permission to share with exceptions being in regard to the safety. If a student indicates harm to self or another, I am obligated to tell administration. Parent contact will also be made in serious situations.

    The 2018-2019 school year has many changes in store for St. Matthias students. I am looking forward to all that is new and exciting, as well as continuing our Values and Virtues Character Education Program.

    Here's how the program works...

    Every month, the school will highlight an important virtue. I will visit each class during the month to lead an activity/discussion on the virtue. Students will be engaged in small group work, whole class discussions, and will be asked to share their opinions on different vidoes or readings that may be shown in that time. My lessons often involve past or current well-known individuals who lead by example and exemplify the virtue we are discussing.


    At the end of each month I ask the homeroom teachers to select two children from the class who have worked towards using the virtue. For example, September's virtue is friendship. A teacher may select a student who went out of their way to welcome a new classmate to their group. The selected students will receive a certificate of recognition and a group photo will be taken for our web site. Students may be selected more than once during the year; the teacher has the right to select whom they feel is living as a true disciple to show good character.


     June's students of excellence