Need to speak with Miss Mortenson???

  • Need to see Miss Mortenson?

    Here's what you can do:

    Get permission from a teacher

    As long as you have permission from a teacher, you can come down to see me if you need to. If I am not in my office at the time, please use the notepad on my desk to let me know that you were there and need to speak with me.

    If it is an emergency:

    Emergencies happen, and you should not wait if you or someone else is hurt or in trouble! If possible, let your teacher know before coming to my office. If I am not in my office at the time, please let the office know you need to speak with me so they can page me.

    While I do not have a daily schedule, my days are full with meetings, class lessons and meeting with students. If I am unavailable at the time a student needs to speak with me, they should have their teacher send me an email to let me know so I can meet with them when I am available. In an emergency situation, if I am unavailable, the student should be directed to another trusted adult in the building whether it be Ms. Brett or Mr. Gidaro. We work as a team to ensure the safety of our students and the learning environment.


    **You can always stop me in the hall, in the lunch room, or outside at recess and ask to speak with me as well!