Technology Pullout Classes Middle School Students

  • Remote Learning Plan for Middle School 

    Please check your Google Classroom for specific instructions on the day your class would meet.

    6th Grade


    We are diving into Unit 2! The "Web Development" begins in earnest once you have submitted your idea for your website and I have approved it.  Unit 2 will teach HTML and get you started on creating your own website.

    During Remote Learning please follow these steps.

    1. Go to the Google classroom and look at what documents are posted.

          a.) If I have a mini lesson for the lesson it will be on Google slides and attached to the Assignment posted.

          b.) Review the other documents. Some are Activity Guides that you will need to work on the Lesson in

          c.) Logon to and work through the lessons. The assignment instructions will let you know the order of documents for each lesson.

          d.) Some lessons will take more than 1 week. Others can be finished in about an hour, if that is the case I will assign the due date for Wednesday. the day before               our class meets.

     7th and 8th grade students

    The 7th and 8th grade students are using Web Lab to create a website from scratch. There are a few stragglers still working on Lesson 9 but most of us are ready to start Chapter 2 and learn how to use CSS language. HTML put the info on the page but CSS gives it life and character. You can think of it like a new living room with white walls and furniture. Now you get to paint the walls a different color and move the furniture around. 

    Some students are not working both sites, the documents posted in the Google classroom should be done in conjunction with activities.