4th grade
  • 4th grade Remote Learning: 
    Posted April 19th:
    Please join the Google classroom if you have not already do so.
     4A: lv2vd7m
    4B: xeq334x
    I will be better able to communicate with all of you through the classroom.
    Please continue working in Code.org. Most students have finished Code.org Lesson 16 and are working on Lesson 17. If you are stuck reach out to me in the classroom stream and we can work together through Google.
    Students remember to use functions in your solutions, but don't forget to use conditionals and loops. There are many ways to approach a problem, but some are more efficient than others.
    Be sure you have completed all of the challenges and have dark green circles. This means you used the correct number of blocks for your program.
    Posted March 30th: Hello students, I hope you are staying healthy. I have created a Google Classroom for us to communicate better. I do realize that the Code.org is getting complicated and since we are not in the classroom any longer you do not have a student assisitant to help you out when stuck.     I will put your assignments in the Google classroom.   
    Posted March 23rd: To those of you who did signin to Code.org and complete Lessons 16 and 17, I thank you!  I have not seen much movement on the completed Activities for many of my 4th grade students. I am a bit disappointed, especially when you consider the amount of time you have during the day.