Grade 3
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    Both classes were introduced to Google Classroom while they were working on their President's Report for Miss Allegro's Social Studies class. They really seemed to enjoy it and were very excited to be using Google like the middle school students.


    Both classes have been making great strides in the Course Express 2019.  This course will have them working on nested loops and If/Then conditionals to get a brain "work out" in logic.  Just this week they had a mini lesson at the begining of class about the Artist we worked on angles in geometry so they would be able to understand how the Artist draws.  

    Please be sure to watch any and all videos that are in each lesson.



    Posted April 22: By now most students have completed Lesson 5 and have completed Lesson 6. Both of these lessons have been posted for over a month and are going to be 4th quarter grades. I am moving on today by opening Lesson 7 to the class. I hope you enjoy it! Remember I can see your screen and help you if your parent sends me an email.

    Posted March 22:Several students are still working on Lesson 5. Once completed, please continue to Lesson 6 "Loops with Rey and BB-8". Students when you have finished Lesson 6 go back and review the previous lessons to be sure you have completed all of the challenges and have dark green circles. This means you used the correct number of blocks for your program.

    Posted March 15:Many have started Lesson 5 Creating Art with Code, others are working on completing Lesson 4 and will be able to move on to Lesson 5 when 4 is done. 

    Since we are Remote Learning I have Lesson 6 open and available for students.

    Fastest way to log on to  Grade 3 Express Course click this hyperlink and then click signin in the top right corner. On the sign in screen click the red bar "Continue with Google" and if you have not already signed into Google you will be brought to the Google account signin screen.